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Year 2018 News

 5 Oct Some photos from the Batemans Bay trip[Ron Henry]

 5 Aug Tripgoers from the 2018 LMI trip have returned! Ron has sent in some photos[Ron Henry]

 20 Jun Photos are in from the luxurious Kioloa trip [Ron Henry]

 15 May The new club boat has arrived! The engine was run in at Lake Burrinjuck last weekend - a report and photos are here[Torsten Schwich]
 14 May Ron has sent in some more photos from the Montague Is trip. [Ron Henry]
 8 May Evolutionary adaptation enables longer breath-hold diving: Natural selection gave a freediving people in Southeast Asia bigger spleens. See for details. [Jeremy Weinman]
 3 May Ray and Alan have supplied some photos from the Montague Is trip. [Ray Vran, Alan Rennie]

 9 Apr Photos from the Easter trip to Eden are available. [Ron Henry, Ray Vran]

 14 Mar Photos are in from last weekend's trip to Ulladulla[Ron Henry]

Year 2017 News

 27 Aug We have some of the worlds cleanest waters around us. Research just published in Environmental Health Perspectives shows the oceans around Australia (the SW Pacific and the Indian Ocean) produce yellowfin tuna with significantly lower levels of Persistent Marine Pollutants than other regions. The research paper is here (online) or here (pdf). [Jeremy Weinman]

 7 Jul Suunto are recalling two products: SUUNTO WIRELESS TANK PRESSURE TRANSMITTER and SUUNTO TANK POD. If you have one, see the details here, stop using it and contact your Suunto dealer for repair/replacement. [Jeremy Weinman]

 30 Jun Excellent diving was had around Montague Island last weekend. Torsten has supplied a trip report and photos[Torsten Schwich]
 21 Jun Photos are in from the Jervis Bay LWE trip. Seems like they had a whale of a time. [Torsten Schwich]

 5 May Photos are in from the Montague Island trip[Ron Henry]

 23 Apr Peter has uploaded images from the Jervis Bay Easter trip[Peter Christen]

 11 Mar Movies have surfaced from the New & Rusties trip to Jervis Bay! [Charlotte Rouse]
 4 Mar The ANUSC AGM will be held Wednesday March 15, 5.30pm for a 6pm start, at North Oval Pavillion. All are welcome to attend (but only full members can vote). Snacks will be available from 5.30pm, followed by the meeting itself at 6.00pm. [ANUSC Committee]

 22 Feb Photos and a trip report from the recent jaunt to Cape Conran [Sharyn Wragg]
 21 Feb As is the tradition in the SCUBA Club - we will hold our annual welcome BBQ, which will give our fresh members the chance to get in touch with our more established members, listen to fabulous dive stories, ask questions about they way trips are being run, and all this over some free food.

  • This Thursday - 23 February 2017
  • 6 pm (just after gear issue/return and boat prep)
  • The Gear Shed @ North Oval
 [Anabel Schwich]
 19 Feb Some photos from the recent trip to the wreck of the Lady Darling and Montague Island [AJ]
 15 Feb Welcome to all the new members who signed up at the ANUSC O-Week stall. There's a few photos here [Gail Vest]

 4 Jan Just a reminder that if you have ordered calendars, please can you contact me to arrange collection. If you would still like to purchase one there are a couple left. [Charlotte Rouse]

Year 2016 News

 25 Nov Voting has now closed for the 2017 ANUSC Calendar. The tribe has spoken and images have been selected. Watch your Inbox for ordering details. [Charlotte Rouse]
 13 Nov The ANUSC Xmas BBQ is on next weekend. earlier this year to give those a chance to attend who head off to various holiday locations soon or who would otherwise be struggling to manage an overflowing December schedule.

Date : Sunday, 20th November
Time : Starting 12.30 for a casual BBQ
Location : Black Mountain Peninsula BBQ area
What to bring: BYO alcoholic beverages, something to sit on (chairs, picnic blanket), entertainment (frisbee, balls, Kubb, ...), hat, sunscreen.
We will provide: soft drinks, some salads, sausages, veggie patties, bread, plastic plates/cutlery (we encourage people to bring their own re-usable plates/cups/cutlery to avoid excess waste).

Please RSVP by responding to the email that's recently been sent around by COB Thursday 17/11 so that we are able to provide enough food and drinks. [Torsten]

 15 May Photos and movie from deep down on the wreck of the Tuggerah, from the Port Hacking trip[Torsten, AJ]

 2 Apr A trip report and photos from the Currarong trip over Easter. [Kim Sebo]

 20 Mar A trip report and photos from the Jervis Bay trip [Ron Henry, Kim Sebo, A Diver]
 3 Mar The ANUSC AGM will be held Tuesday March 22, 6.00pm at North Oval Pavillion. All are welcome to attend (but only full members can vote).
Food will be available from 6pm, followed by the meeting itself at 6.30pm. [ANUSC Committee]

 1 Mar The votes have been counted in the 2016 T-shirt competition - "Keep your fins close..." is the winning design. Details of how to order, prices, colours and sizes etc. will follow soon. [Charlotte Rouse]
 8 Feb Voting is now open to decide the design for the 2016 club t-shirt! The voting page is here[Charlotte Rouse]

 28 Jan Photos from the Australia Day Eden trip [Sharyn Wragg, Ron Henry]

Year 2015 News

 2 Aug Next year's LMI trip is from 3-16 July 2016. The trip has quickly filled up and we have started taking names for the reserve waiting list. Past experience shows that there's a good chance for the top people on the waiting list to make it onto the trip. So if you want to come and haven't signed up yet: now's the best time - contact Tom[Tom Magill]

 28 Jun More photos from the long weekend trip to Jervis Bay[Ron Henry]
 17 Jun Mother Nature was kind and the underwater conditions were excellent - a trip report and photos are up from the long weekend trip to Jervis Bay[Ray Vran, Kim Sebo]

 28 May Members have been asking about club T-Shirts. So we are having a design competition (winner gets a free ...T-shirt (of course)). So for those who would like their art immortalised by getting it onto the club T-shirt - get designing. Submit your entry to Ray Vran by 30 June and then we will have club members vote to pick the winning entry. [Ray Vran]

 30 Apr Photos and movies of the seals, sharks and rays from the Montague Island trip. [Lucienne Shenfield]
 9 Apr ... and more photos are in from the Easter trip to Jervis Bay. [Ray Vran, Kim Sebo, Peter Christen]
 7 Apr First photos are in from the Long long weekend Easter trip to Jervis Bay. [Russell Patrick]

 23 Mar Photos from the Broulee trip have been submitted. [Ray Vran, Ron Henry]
 11 Mar Attention campers: All 'lunchbox'-style gas cookers have been withdrawn from sale because the vast majority of brands/models tested failed the Australian Standards safety tests. The safety/shutoff valve fails to operate when it gets hot, leading to a risk of explosion.

More details, and a long list of known-affected models are here[Kim Sebo]

 3 Mar The ANUSC AGM will be held Tuesday March 17, 6.00pm at North Oval Pavillion. All members are welcome and encouraged to attend.
Food (probably pizza) will be available from 6pm, followed by a gear auction and the meeting proper at 6.30pm. Items being auctioned are some of the club's regulators- some with computers. Please contact Ilya for more information.
The agenda will be sent out sometime next week, and the minutes and agenda from last year (and all committee meetings) are available at[ANUSC Committee]

 28 Jan Photos and a trip report from the Australia Day Eden trip [Sharyn Wragg]

Year 2014 News

 27 Nov Club member Brett Fletcher has produced an excellent video featuring the amazing diving at Fish Rock during the ANUSC trip there during Easter 2014:
 [Brett Fletcher]
 26 Nov The 2015 ANUSC Calendar is now available to order! Cost is $15 each, 4 for $50, and $10ea thereafter.
The sample version can be viewed here (pdf) and ordering details are here.
 [Sharyn Wragg]
 22 Nov Aqua Lung are recalling all SureLock II Rubber weight pocket handles. These handles are found on most Aqua Lung BCD weight pockets made since 2009. The rubber can crack and break, potentially leaving an unditchable weight pocket in your BCD at an inopportune moment. More details here[Tom Magill]
 10 Nov Voting has opened for the ANUSC 2015 calendar.
Members can visit the polling booth to cast their vote.

Voting closes CoB, Mon 17th November.

 [Sharyn Wragg]

 19 Sep The club boat is booked onto the ferry - the Xmas 2014 trip to Tasmania is definitely going ahead!
If you want to go - talk to Scott and think about booking things soon.

All the trip details are on the trip web page [Scott Wyatt]

 5 Sep Danish scientists have discovered mushroom-shaped creatures from deep in the Bass Strait that defy any current scientific classification systems.

 [A. Diver]

 3 Sep The committee is meeting later this week to put a dive program together that will take us into the new year.
From the end of September we are planning to run a dive every two weeks. We are looking for people to volunteer to organise dives. Is there a dive location you particularly want to dive??
Please email Ray if you are interested in coordinating a trip.
 [Ray Vran]

 11 Aug ScubaPro are recalling some 'Aladin Square' dive computers due to a manufacturing defect. One particular batch has a fault which can cause it to leak. If you have one, check your serial number. Details here.

(NB: this is not the old Aladin Pro/Aladin Air series of computers; it is the new Aladin Square model, sold between March-June 2014). [Jeremy Weinman]

 7 Aug Monthly Drinks!
Now that the team from this years LMI have had a few weeks to recuperate from their expedition it's time for our usual get together. Aside from seeing what everyones been up to in this cold weather, I'm sure most of us are keen to hear some stories and hopefully see some dazzling pictures from the trip.
Venue: PJ O'Reilly's Civic, Thursday 7th Aug from 6PM.
Please let Alan Rennie know if you can join us so we can book a table. [Alan Rennie]

 30 Jun Somewhat delayed, more photos from the Easter trip to Seal Rocks[Peter Christen]
 16 Jun More photos from the June long weekend excursion to Jervis Bay[Peter Christen]
 16 Jun Photos from the June long weekend excursion to Jervis Bay[Ray Vran]
 7 Jun Yet more photos from the Easter trip to Seal Rocks and Southwest Rocks[Ray Vran, Kim Sebo]
 2 Jun A trip report from a very successful exploratory trip to Broulee [A. Diver]

 8 May Lots of photos from the Easter trip to the shark-infested (in a good way) waters of Seal Rocks and Southwest Rocks[Ray Vran]
 7 May There are two upcoming events in July, both to be held at the Shine Dome near campus:

 1. The Future of Coral Reefs Symposium 3-4 July 2014, for a general audience of scientists in related fields, natural resource managers, conservationists, and policy makers.
and particularly:
 2. The Future of Coral Reefs Public Forum, 6pm 3 July 2014, open to everyone. [Jeremy Weinman]

 30 Apr Ever want to breathe underwater? Maybe the technology isn't too far off![Jeremy Weinman]
 3 Apr Last call for the Lady Musgrave Island Trip - Ray has submitted some photos from last year's trip to whet your appetite. [ANUSC Committee]

 24 Mar Photos from the New and Rusties trip to Jervis Bay are up! [Ray Vran]
 17 Mar A video and photos from the recent Montague Island trip are now up. [Peter Christen]
 8 Mar A trip report, photos, and a movie from the Batemans Bay trip. [A. Diver, Ron Henry]
 3 Mar The ANUSC AGM will be held Wednesday March 5, 7.00pm at North Oval Pavillion. All members are welcome and encouraged to attend. Come and hear about the state of the club, and consider volunteering for a committee position. More details incl. agenda and minutes here. Signing up for the annual Lady Musgrave Island trip will commence too! [ANUSC Committee]

 16 Feb Whilst divers on the recent trip to Montague Island failed to dive the Lady Darling wreck due to strong currents, the same was not true for the last trip there in November 2013. Kim has supplied some photos[Kim Sebo]
 12 Feb A trip report and a few photos from the Montague Island trip have been posted. [A. Diver]
 7 Feb More photos from the Eden trip are up. [Kim Sebo]
 6 Feb Not a member? Want to find out about the club? Here's an opportunity - Visit us at our Market Day stall, Wednesday 12 Feb. [Ray Vran]
 6 Feb A trip report and some photos from the Australia Day Eden trip have been posted. [Sharyn Wragg]

 28 Jan Peter has finally uploaded some photos from last year's Lady Musgrave trip Enjoy. [Peter Christen]

Year 2013 News

 14 Oct Mary-Anne has produced a short video from the 2013 Lady Musgrave Island trip. Well worth a look. [Mary-Anne Naylor]

 2 Aug Come along to the Debacle (24 Lonsdale Street, Braddon) on the 5th of August at 6pm to catch up and exchange some stories.
Debacle's still got the 2-for-1 offer running on Mondays so if you would like to come it would be great to see you again! RSVP to Anabel's email. [Anabel Schwich]

 20 Jun ... and more photos from the Jervis Bay trip. [Kim Sebo]
 13 Jun First photos from the long weekend trip to Jervis Bay[Torsten Schwich]

 13 May Ron has submitted photos from the Brush Island weekend. [Ron Henry]

 29 Apr Peter has finally uploaded some videos photos from the Seal Rocks and the even earlier Mystery Bay trips, including some great (and not so great - a shark with a long fishing line!) grey nurse shark footage. [Peter Christen]
 17 Apr Kim has submitted some macro photos from the Broulee trip. [Kim Sebo]
 9 Apr Some photos from the Seal Rocks Easter trip. [Kim Sebo]

 25 Mar José has supplied photos and a couple of excellent videos of the GNS from the Montague Island trip[José Barrero]
 18 Mar Photos from the Montague Island trip. Grey Nurse Sharks, seals, a turtle, and marvellous weather. Yes, that's why we go diving.
 [Ron Henry, Kim Sebo]

 26 Feb Cape Conran trip photos. Lots of them! And a trip report too. Many thanks to the submitters, and to Sharyn for organising. [Tatiana, Michael W, Peter, Kim and Sharyn]
 24 Feb Another one of the 'trip down memory lane' news items: Peter has finally uploaded some photos and videos from the December 2012 trip to Montague island. Sharks, rays and seals galore! [Peter Christen]
 18 Feb I've always wanted to post a news article entitled "Sea slug drops penis after sex".
And now I have. Thanks to Jeremy for the heads-up. [Jeremy Weinman]
 14 Feb The ANUSC AGM will be held Tuesday March 5, 6:30pm at North Oval Pavillion. All members are welcome and encouraged to attend. Come and hear about the state of the club, and consider volunteering for a committee position. Lots more details here. Signing up for the annual Lady Musgrave Island trip will commence too! [ANUSC Committee]
 14 Feb And... yet more photos from the Eden trip[Kim Sebo]
 9 Feb Photos/trip report from the Australia Day trip to Eden.
(Oops, Ray's photos were lost in my inbox until now -- Ed.) [Ron Henry, Ray Vran]

Year 2012 News

 19 Dec A trip report and a few photos from last weekend's trip to Brush Island[Kim Sebo]
 11 Dec The Dive Trip schedule for the early part of 2013 has been arranged. You can see all the fabulous locations that will be visited here. Note there are a couple of trips which are still in need of an organiser. Please contact the Committee if you would like to help. [ANUSC Committee]
 10 Dec Blue(-ish) water, calm seas, lots of seals and (a) Grey Nurse Shark - the usual excellent diving at Montague Island. Kim has provided photos[Kim Sebo]

 9 Oct Ron has supplied lots of photos, both above and below water, from the LMI trip[Ron Henry]

 15 Aug Peter has uploaded more photos from this year's LMI trip[Peter Christen]
 9 Aug So the LMI trip is over, and the tripgoers are back to the cold, harsh reality of the Canberra winter. Luckily we can still escape to the more tropical climes of LMI via Tom's photos[Tom Magill]

 9 Jul A trip down memory lane: Scott has uploaded his photos from the Easter trip to Seal Rocks/Southwest Rocks[Scott Hunt]

 13 Jun Photos and a trip report from the June long weekend trip are online. [Kim Sebo, Ron Henry]

 24 May An oil exploration company has discovered a pristine shipwreck in the Gulf of Mexico. [Jeremy Weinman]
 11 May Photos from the trip to Currarong/SJYB[Kim Sebo]
 9 May More photos from the Easter trip to Seal Rocks and South West Rocks. [Kim Sebo]
 7 May Very sad news; Neville Coleman passed away early Saturday morning. An icon of the Australian dive industry, he was author of a myriad of books and pioneering field guides, and did tremendous work for protection of the marine environment. []
 7 May Nudibranch fans rejoice - Australia Post has finally given slugs the recognition they deserve. They've released a series of stamps featuring images of the colourful beasts. [Peter Christen]

 19 Apr Ray has provided lots of photos from the epic Easter trip to Seal Rocks and South West Rocks. [Ray Vran]

 14 Mar Some excellent movies from the Montague Island trip - seals galore and a very close encounter with a Grey Nurse Shark[David Power]
 14 Mar More photos from the recent trip to Montague Island[Peter Christen]
 16 Mar It's been a great start to the year, with lots of diving done, and lots of new members coming along on trips - fantastic!

However, we discovered a problem with Goat's gearbox on the last trip to Montague Island. The short story is:

  • A tooth has chipped off one of the gears, and been chewing up the inside of the gearbox.
  • The mechanic's view is that this is related to the crack in the prop, and its likely to be from hitting something.
  • The gearbox needs to be replaced.
  • The repair time is approximately 2 weeks. We are hopeful that Goat will be operational again for the Easter trip, but it will be touch and go.
  • The repair bill is approx. $4,200 for a replacement gearbox. We had $4000 in contingency in the budget for this year - so while not good for the budget, it can be absorbed in the current budget.
What does this mean for the club:
  • While we are down to one boat, there may be limits on the number of spots on trips. This is at the discretion of the trip organisers. For the Seal Rocks trip, there may be a reserve list, with these spots dependent upon the repair being completed.
    • For those who drive boats, please try to be careful with objects in the water - particularly when approaching shore and making use of the engine tilt.
 [Chris Bloomfield]
 14 Mar Lots of photos from last weekend's trips to the warm, blue waters of Montague Island[Tom Magill, Kim Sebo, Ray Vran]
 3 Mar Some photos from the ANUSC stall at Market Day. Many thanks to the organiser and those who manned the stall during the day. [Gail Vest]

 29 Feb Photos and a trip report are up from the New & Rusties trip[Peter Christen, Kim Sebo]
 21 Feb The 2012 ANUSC AGM will be held March 6th, 6:00 - 8:00pm, North Oval Pavilion (behind the gear shed). Please renew your membership beforehand, and consider a nominating for a committee position - all posts are open! [Sharyn Wragg]
 11 Feb Photos from the Brush Island are available. [Scott Hunt]
 4 Feb Photos from the Green Cape/Eden trip are available. [Kim Sebo]

 25 Jan Photos from the Jervis Bay trip are available. [Scott Hunt]

Year 2011 News

 22 Dec An unusual diving-environmental video clip. The footage is really good: YouTube, 7 minutes long. [Jennie Mallela]
 16 Dec Photos from the recent Currarong and Port Kembla trips are available. [Kim Dinh]

 30 Nov The votes have been tallied, and the winning images have been compiled into a draft calendar, available here.
Sharp-eyed proof readers and ID-checking is much appreciated - please send me any corrections.
Would you like to order a copy? Please email with your name, and the number of copies you wish to buy (at $15 per calendar).
Orders will be taken only from now until the first of December, and although I'll print a small number of "extras", you can only guarantee your copy by placing your order. Calendars will be printed and distributed at the Christmas party (Mon 5 Dec), and following Thursday gear issues/returns, or I can arrange to post it to you. [Sharyn Wragg]
 15 Nov Voting for the images for the ANUSC 2012 Calendar is now open. To vote, visit the voting page. Polls close at 5pm AEDST Friday 25th November 2011. [ANUSC Committee]

 31 Oct Scott Hunt has uploaded a trip report and photos from the recent trip to Norah Head and the Northern Solitaries. [Scott Hunt]
 20 Oct Photos and a trip report from the epic Terrigal/Nelson Bay/Solitaries expedition are up. [Kim Dinh]
 11 Oct The club has arranged for the purchase of a new, larger scuba compressor. This will provide increased reliability on our Lady Musgrave trips, and allows for more trips to places where airfills are not available locally. Look out for more information once it has arrived, and to see it in use on the January Green Cape trip! [ANUSC Committee]
 11 Oct The Goat's trailer had a major mechanical failure while being towed home from Lady Musgrave Island. The trailer has been repaired by the manufacturer, and is now looking better than new, with Goat now back on full dive duties. Thanks to all involved in the repair works. [ANUSC Committee]

 30 Aug Divers were treated to a weekend of excellent diving conditions at Shellharbour. Photos are available. [Kim S, Kim D]
 18 Aug First photos from LMI! See them here. But there are many envious club members who would love to see more. If you have some photos from LMI you wish to share - please contact the ANUSC Webmaster[Chris Bloomfield, Milly Brent]
 16 Aug Advance notice - dates for the 2012 Lady Musgrave Island trip have been set: it will be 6-21 July 2012, plus a couple of days either side for travelling purposes. Book your leave from Work/Study/Pets/Significant Others now! [ANUSC Committee]

 7 Jul Club member Walter Steyn recently competed in the Vertical Blue 2011 freediving competition, held at Dean's Blue Hole in the Bahamas. He set three new Australian depth records; the first two records, in Constant Weight and Constant Weight no fins saw him improve his current records of 100m and 66m to 106m and 74m. More details at[Walter Steyn]

 8 Jun The NSW Minister for Primary Industries has released a discussion paper on Grey Nurse Shark protection.

The paper is also available online and open to public comment on the NSW DPI website.

The paper will be on public exhibition for 3 months until Friday 26 August 2011.

 [Jeremy Weinman]

 28 May Peter has also uploaded some of his Shellharbour photos.
He has recently also uploaded photos from the January Eden trip onto his personal scuba photos page[Peter Christen]
 25 May Photos from the trip to Shellharbour are up! [Kim Sebo]
 18 May Scott has supplied more photos from Seal Rocks and Nelson Bay, on the trip page. [Scott Hunt]
 13 May Photos from the Easter trip to Seal Rocks/Nelson Bay are up! [Kim Sebo, Vlad Vassiliev]

 13 Apr After a long wait, the ex-HMAS Adelaide was scuttled at noon today off North Avoca Beach. Photos of the event are here[Scott Hunt]
 13 Apr Lots more photos from the last two trips:
Kim has submitted some photos from the Terrigal trip, and Scott has photos from the Jervis Bay and Terrigal trips. [Scott Hunt, Kim Sebo]
 12 Apr Warm blue water and plenty of Grey Nurse Sharks: Photos from the Terrigal trip are up. [Arwen Mow-Lowry]
 4 Apr Photos from the Jervis Bay trip are up! [Kim Sebo]

 15 Mar Photos are in from the ad hoc trip to Shellharbour last weekend. [Kim Sebo]

 4 Feb Sanctum: The Real Story explores the back story of Producer/Writer and expedition leader Andrew Wight, who teams up with Hollywood director James Cameron to make a 3-D feature film of a cave diving expedition.

 [Jeremy Weinman]

 3 Feb It's a big day for trip photos. Ron and Kim have provided photos from last weekend's excellent trip to Eden; and Ron has submitted photos from the trip to Montague Island in November. [Ron Henry, Kim Sebo]

Year 2010 News

 7 Dec The 2011 ANUSC Calendar is ready to go, and orders are now being taken! A downloadable preview copy and ordering details are here[Sharyn Wragg]

 17 Nov Voting for the ANUSC 2011 calendar has now closed! Many thanks to those who participated. We'll add up the votes and get the calendar printed with your favourite images shortly. [Sharyn Wragg]
 17 Nov Photos and a trip report from the weekend's jaunt to Ulladulla are up. [Ron Henry]
 9 Nov Voting for the ANUSC 2011 calendar is now open! Club members can visit here and cast your vote. Voting closes 9am Wednesday 17/11/2010 AEDST. [Sharyn Wragg]

 19 Oct Despite some cool, windy weather, the tripgoers on the Botany Bay trip managed to get wet and salty. Some photos are here[Steve Larkin, Kim Sebo]

 30 Sep A fabulous trip to Nelson Bay has been had. If you weren't there, you missed out on some great diving. Photos and a brief trip report are here[Steve Larkin, Kim Sebo]

 16 Aug CSIRO Scientists are reporting significant changes in the distribution of coastal fish species in south-east Australia which they say are partly due to climate change. Details here[Scott Wyatt]
 7 Aug First photos and videos from this year's Lady Musgrave island trip have been uploaded by Kim and Peter. [Peter Christen]

 16 Jun A few photos from the Jervis Bay trip! [Kim Sebo]
 11 Jun Some photos from the Mosquito Bay day trip! [Steve Burns]

 14 May Gail has submitted some photos from the Banks trip[Gail Vest]
 12 May Kim has submitted photos from the Banks trip[Kim Sebo]
 9 May Peter has uploaded some videos and photos from the recent trips to Montague Island and the Sir John Young Banks. Peter has now uploaded various formats of his videos for both the Montague and SJYB trips. If you still have problems viewing his videos please contact him (with details about what computer and software you are using). [Peter Christen]

 29 Apr Photos from the Montague Island trip are up. [Kim Sebo, Sharyn Wragg]
 16 Apr Some photos from the March trip to Jervis Bay are up. [Steve Burns]
 6 Apr Photos from the Easter trip to Brush Island/Ulladulla are up. [Kim Sebo]

 21 Mar Photos and videos from a recent trip to Bali are now available on Peter's Web page[Peter Christen]
 14 Mar Some more photos have been uploaded from the recent trip to Nelson Bay[Peter Christen]
 11 Mar Unfortunately the Tathra trip has been cancelled. [Steve Burns]
 10 Mar Overseas member Charles Adamson brought this story to our attention. [Peter Christen / Charles Adamson]
 9 Mar First images are up from the very photogenic dives at Nelson Bay [Arwen Mow-Lowry, Vlad V]
 4 Mar Some more photos have been uploaded from the New-n-Rusties trip to Jervis Bay[Mario Pahl]
 3 Mar A plethora of photos from the last couple of trips have been uploaded: Montague photos from Ron and Mario, and Jervis Bay photos from Kim. [Mario Pahl, Kim Sebo]

 28 Feb Two stories from the ABC: global warming affecting loggerhead turtles' breeding. In good news though the Barrier Reef's looking healthier in no-take zones. [Scott Wyatt, Paul Thomas]
 26 Feb ANU SCUBA club (and SRA) memberships expire at the end of the month (that's this Sunday!). If you haven't renewed your membership for 2010, you can do so at the SRA front desk or, for 2010 ANU students and SRA members, at the AGM on Monday[Paul Thomas]
 23 Feb Please join us for the 2010 New Members Welcome BBQ. This is held every year to welcome new members, and it's also an opportunity for returning members to renew membership before the AGM, order a T-shirt or buy calendar, meet new members, and have a sausage and drink on the club.
The BBQ will be held behind the Boat/Gear Shed after the New and Rusties Jervis Bay gear issue, on Thursday 25th February, from 6pm. The club will supply meat, a vegetarian option, bread and soft drinks (you're also welcome to bring your own cool drink). We also need some club members to provide a yummy salad, dessert or nibbles, so please consider bringing something along. [Sharyn Wragg]
 23 Feb The list for Lady Musgrave Island 2010 will open at the AGM, this Monday 1 March. Deposits of $250 on the night, please. [Tom Magill]
 22 Feb "Underwater love", a joint exhibition by Pamela Martin and Rebeka Clarke, features "ceramic coral" and large-format underwater photography. It opens at the Belconnen Community Centre on Tuesday 16 March. [Paul Thomas]
 20 Feb This year's Annual General Meeting will be on 1 March 2010 at 6:00pm, in Manning Clarke Theatre 4, ANU Campus. Pizzas will be provided. [Paul Thomas]
 17 Feb I have been unable to arrange camping bookings for the Seal Rocks trip at Easter. After some consultation I have decided not to try to run a trip even further north of Seal Rocks - mainly because of the amount of driving involved at Easter - where the roads tend to be packed on the first and last day of the break.
I am currently looking at other options on the South Coast - so there will still be a dive trip, just not to Seal Rocks. [Ray Vran]
 17 Feb It's market day today (Wednesday 17th) and an excellent time to renew your membership or to chat to ANUSC divers about what we do. You can find us in the sports hall, in the Sport and Rec building on North Road. Or, keep an eye out for our boat on campus and talk to the spruikers there. [Paul Thomas]
 15 Feb Don't forget to cast your vote for the name of our new boat. Round one of voting closes this Friday. [Peter Jones]
 15 Feb Winner of the t-shirt design comp is... Peter Jones' "Keep your fins close... Keep your anenomes closer!" clown anenomefish design. To place your order, contact Alex Pentony Vran (alexpentonyvran ^at^ Pre-orders will close in ONE WEEK - Sunday 21 February 2010, so get your order in quick! [Cindy Wiryakusuma]
 11 Feb Photos from the trip to Botany Bay are up! [A Diver]
 2 Feb Voting for the 2010 ANUSC T-Shirt competition is now open! The designs and voting form are here.
Polls close in one week - 9am, Tues Feb 9th, so get a wriggle on. [Cindy W]
 1 Feb Lots more photos from the Eden trip have been submitted. [Cindy Wiryakusuma, Mario Pahl, Ron Henry, Kim Sebo, Arwen Mow-Lowry, Sandie Walters]

 27 Jan First photos from the Eden trip are in! [Cindy Wiryakusuma, Mario Pahl]
 14 Jan A new year means a new ANU Scuba Club t-shirt, and with that, I'd like to kick off the 2010 t-shirt competition.
Members, you are invited to enter this year's t-shirt competition. The winning designer will win a free t-shirt!!
Details about how to enter the competition are here.
Entries must close Wed 20th Jan[Cindy Wiryakusuma]

Year 2009 News

 24 Dec Merry Christmas all! [Santa]
 20 Dec The new boat is in Canberra[Peter Jones]
 16 Dec Photos from the traditional December Honeymoon Bay dive trip are up! [Kim Sebo]
 7 Dec Peter has uploaded some photos from the recent trip to Pretty Beach[Peter Christen]
 7 Dec Japan: giant jellyfish sink ship

Swarms of giant jellyfish are seriously threatening Japan's fishing industry, with global warming a possible cause. [Paul Thomas]

 2 Dec For a change, December drinks will be at the Uni Pub, corner London Circuit and University Ave, Civic (not the ANU Uni Bar). Ground floor for drinks, 1st floor for the grill, if you're peckish. From 6pm, Monday 7th December[Sharyn Wragg]

 27 Nov The Australasian Institute for Maritime Archaeology (AIMA) is running a Shipwreck Photography Competition from 1 December 2009 to 31 March 2010. There are some great prizes for the winners of each category in each division with a fantastic best in show prize co-sponsored by Mike Ball Dive Expeditions and AIMA. [Andrew Viduka]
 27 Nov The 2010/11 ANU SCUBA club calendar is on its way to the printers and here's a sneak preview. If you'd like to pre-order, let me know how many you'd like. The benefits of pre-ordering are that you're guantenteed to get the number you ordered, and it helps us order an appropriate print-run.
I''m still comparing printer proofs, but it'll probably be on 150gsm satin (like last year's but with a slight sheen). It'll also be larger, at A4, and with a thicker cover (300gsm). I'll endeavour to ensure good reproduction quality. [Sharyn Wragg]
 24 Nov Remember to vote for the pictures you want to see in the next ANUSC calendar. Voting closes tomorrow! [Sharyn Wragg]
 23 Nov Due to an unfortunate coincidence of use of the Black Mountain Peninsular on 4 December, we've decided to relocate the xmas party. Fear not, we've cased another pleasing venue at Lennox Gardens, which is situated on Lake Burley Griffin, behind the Hyatt. [Sharyn Wragg]
 11 Nov Photos from the Seal Rocks trip are up. [Kim Sebo]
 11 Nov Some fabulous footage of mantas from the BBC here and here[Jeremy Weinman]
 4 Nov If you use an underwater camera, please take a moment to tell us about it for our gear survey. Results will be posted on our website as per the dive computer and torch reviews, and should be a useful guide for novice underwater photographers. [Sharyn Wragg]
 2 Nov From the BBC (with film): "One of the most elegant courtship rituals in the animal kingdom has been captured on film by a BBC crew. The dance of the weedy sea dragon takes place every year in the shallow seas off the coast of Australia. During the ghostly dance, two beautifully odd-looking fish mirror each other's every movement." [Karsten Oelkers]

 30 Oct Jenny Thompson and Giles West presented an informal slide-show on underwater photography last Tuesday (Oct 27). The audience of 22 (14 ANUSC members) packed the Scuba Store and enjoyed a thorough demonstration of equipment and slides, which were selected to highlight an aspect of photographic technique, such as the lighting regime, apertures and lens type, strobe use and placement, focus, composition, sun and water effects, accounting for current, digital aspects, TTL cautions and equipment capabilities, critter approach, backscatter minimisation and other handy hints. It was informative to novice and experienced photographers alike. The evening finished well at Debarcle with 2-for-1 pizza.

Some tips from the talk, and survey results, will be posted on the web. Next social event: Chris Fulton's talk "Underwater flight: a tale of waves and fishes" Monday 9 Nov. [Sharyn Wragg]

 30 Oct An international meeting on climate change in Copenhagen has heard the prospects of saving the world's coral reefs now appear so bleak there are plans to freeze samples to preserve them for the future[Paul Thomas]
 7 Oct There is an interesting documentary on ABC2, tonight, Wed 7/10, 10:20pm

The Ship Sinkers
Decommissioned vessels are blown up to create underwater habitats for marine species. This documentary looks at the technology behind this, the habitats that are created, and films the explosion of two large tankers. [SCAN]

 22 Sep Swimming through Fish Rock Cave on a single breath? Yes, it's been done. Details here[Paul Thomas]
 22 Sep The Australian Marine Conservation Society's Sustainable Seafood Guide is now available for download here. As AMCS say, "print it out and keep it in your wallet for the next time you're choosing which seafood to buy". [Paul Thomas]
 21 Sep Photos from the Brush Island trip have been uploaded. [Cindy Wiryakusuma]

 17 Aug Peter has submitted some of his photos from the Currarong trip[Peter Christen]
 10 Aug Photos from the Currarong trip have been submitted. [Jenny Thompson]
 7 Aug Sharyn has added her photos to the LMI trip page. [Sharyn Wragg]

 29 Jul Sandie has sent in a bunch of photos from both the June long weekend trip at Jervis Bay, and the LMI trip[Sandie Walters]
 28 Jul First photos are in from the 2009 LMI trip[Jeremy Weinman]
 5 Jul Peter has uploaded a selection of photos and videos from a recent trip Gail and he did to the Similan Islands in Thailand. They are available on his Scuba Web site[Peter Christen]

 18 Jun Photos from the SRA Blue Awards night are up. [Cindy Wiryakusuma]
 18 Jun Some more photos and videos from the Jervis Bay trip ... [Peter Christen, Arwen Mow-Lowry, Cindy Wiryakusuma]
 8 Jun For the first time in a number of years, the June Jervis Bay trip was rain-free. First photos are in... [Kim Sebo]
 3 Jun On Tuesday 2/6 the ANU SRA held their yearly Blues Awards for sporting excellence, and this year members of the Scuba Club were given 3 awards.
Chris Bloomfield was given a Peter McCullagh award for his amazing contributions to the club and as a recognition of his skills including his ability to mix 'funny' gases for deep diving.
Walter Steyn was also given a Peter McCullagh award for his achievements in free diving - as many of you know Walter is an amazing freediver and holds 5 of the 7 Australian records for freediving.
And as a complete surprise to everyone there Walter was also given the Sports Star of the Year Award!
A BIG congratulations to both Walter & Chris!
 [Arwen Mow-Lowry]

 21 May Jeremy has sent in his photos from the Sir John Young Banks trip. [Jeremy Weinman]
 20 May Ray has emerged from a pile of receipts and statements with the club's financial result for 2008[Ray Vran]
 18 May Some more photos from the Sir John Young Banks trip are up. [Steve Larkin]
 14 May More photos from the Sir John Young Banks trip are up - including a couple of movies of the boiling currents. [Ron Henry, Kim Sebo]
 12 May Some spectacular photos from a University of Miami photo competition[Corinna Paeper]

 28 Apr Ron has sent in photos from the ANZAC weekend trip to Brush Island[Ron Henry]
 22 Apr Kim has added some more photos to the Easter JB trip page.

Update 22 Apr: Vlad has also submitted photos from the JB trip[Kim Sebo]

 20 Apr Scientists have found that in fact, all octopuses and cuttlefish are poisonous[Corinna Paeper]
 20 Apr As National Geographic puts it:
Eleven leatherback sea turtles are taking part in the Great Turtle Race, speeding from foraging grounds in the frigid waters of Canada to nesting beaches on the sun-soaked shores of the Caribbean. The turtles are tagged with state-of-the-art satellite tracking devices that allow us to follow their incredible (6,000-kilometer) journey.

You can follow their progress here[Corinna Paeper]

 15 Apr A blast from the past - Arwen has supplied photos from the Shellharbour trip in March. [Arwen Mow-Lowry]
 15 Apr Fabulous diving was had at JB over Easter. Corinna and Arwen have sent in some photos[Corinna Paeper, Arwen Mow-Lowry]
 15 Apr From minimalism to more gear than you can shake a stick at. ANUSC alumnus Ernie Perkins writes, from darkest Canada:
"Just finished my Rebreather Mod 1 certification on a Megalodon by InnerSpace System. The photo is me on my last course dive.
"Using the rebreather is great, quiet with no bubbles (except during ascent). When you are flying it perfectly, you are just hanging in space. But it is a lot more task loading. Buoyancy control is a major issue. And you are looking after your gas composition and volumes in real time. 3 different displays, one of which is a heads up. I had 3 dive computers and 1 bottom timer as well. Life was complicated." [Jeremy Weinman]
 15 Apr Walter appeared on ABC breakfast on Radio National today, chatting to Fran Kelly about his freediving. [Dive Newshounds]
 10 Apr Conratulations to Walter Steyn, who has just dived to 92m to break his own Australian free-diving record, at a competition in the Bahamas. Vertical Blue also has details on the competition including some amazing photos of the venue.
(Update, 8 April: 95m the next day for another record!)
(Update #2, 10 April: 100m! - only the 10th person in the world to achieve this depth.
 [Dive Newshounds]

 31 Mar Kim, Vlad, Rickard and Peter (with his new camera and housing) took a few photos on the Shellharbour trip[Kim Sebo, Vlad Vassiliev, Rickard du Rietz, Peter Christen]
 24 Mar Sharyn has sent some photos from the Montague trip[Sharyn Wragg]
 23 Mar The Gladstone Observer provides a snippet of information regarding damage to LMI by the recent close visit of Cyclone Hamish. [Karsten Oelkers]
 17 Mar Updates to the Nelson Bay and Montague trip galleries. [Jeremy Weinman, Ron Henry]
 16 Mar Photos and movies from both the Batemans Bay and Montague diving over the weekend. [Rickard du Rietz, Mario Pahl, Arwen Mow-Lowry]
 15 Mar Peter has finally added some of his photos to the Nelson Bay trip page. [Peter Christen]
 13 Mar Kim has added some photos to the Nelson Bay trip page. [Kim Sebo]
 12 Mar Ron has provided some videos from the New and Rusties weekend: footage from the Docks and inside Spider Cave[Ron Henry]
 12 Mar Still more Nelson Bay trip photos. [Mario Pahl, Steve Larkin, Rickard du Rietz]
 10 Mar Judging by the number of housings being carried around under the water up there, here are the first of many photos from the Nelson Bay trip[Mario Pahl]
 5 Mar Newborn blue whale caught on camera: photos and video from National Geographic. [Corinna Paeper]
 4 Mar Lots of photos from the New and Rusties JB trip are online. [Mario Pahl, Kim Sebo, Ron Henry]

 27 Feb 2009/10 ANUSC dive calendars are now available

The calendar features fantastic photos from our members and runs from March 2009 to February 2010.

They can be purchased this weekend at New and Rusties dive trip or at the AGM or from the committee for a mere $20.
 [Lucy Randall]

 25 Feb After all the recent hype in the media regarding shark attacks, finally a SMH news article that goes some way to putting some perspective on the numbers. [Jen Hine]
 17 Feb A plethora of photos are up from the Montague Island trip. [Kim Sebo, Mario Pahl, Karsten Oelkers, Cindy Wiryakusuma]
 13 Feb This year's Annual General Meeting will be on 2 March 2009 at 6.30pm, in Manning Clarke Theatre 5, ANU Campus. Pizzas will be provided. [Arwen Mow-Lowry]
 11 Feb Rickard has sent in some photos from the Wollongong trip[Rickard du Rietz]

 30 Jan How to prepare calamari, dolphin style[Jen Hine]
 29 Jan Rickard has sent in photos from the recent Shellharbour and Brush Island trips. [Rickard du Rietz]
 28 Jan Photos from the Brush Island trip are now available. [Kim Sebo, Cindy Wiryakusuma]
 23 Jan Voting is now open for choosing the photos that will appear on the ANUSC 2009 calendar. Details (and voting!) are here. Voting closes at midnight, 31st January. [Lucy Randall]
 20 Jan Photos from the Shellharbour trip are now available. [Steve Larkin]

Year 2008 News

 11 Dec Some photos from our recent trip to Shellharbour are now available. Enjoy! [Peter Christen, Mario Pahl]
 5 Dec Voting for the competition to design a new club logo is now open! The voting page is here. Polls close midnight December 15th 2008. [Arwen Mow-Lowry]
 5 Dec A trip photo extravaganza! Arwen has provided photos from the Nelson Bay, Brush Island, Solitary Is and Jervis Bay trips! [Arwen Mow-Lowry]
 4 Dec The NPA has launched a proposal for a marine park along Sydney's coast, stretching from Gosford to the Royal National Park. The SMH has more details[Jen Hine]
 4 Dec Photos are up from last weekend's fabulous trip to Jervis Bay[Kim Sebo]
 2 Dec Australian scientists have helped solve the mystery of an unidentified creature from the depths. The Age tells all. [Arwen Mow-Lowry]

 26 Nov Photos are up from the trip to the Northern Solitaries/ Southwest Rocks/ Forster[Kim Sebo, Steve Larkin, and Peter Christen]
 24 Nov New Scientist reports the discovery of a deep water glow-in-the-dark anemone[Jeremy Weinman]

 21 Oct Dr Chris Fulton of BoZo will be presenting a seminar entitled Diversity Through a Functional Lens: the How & Why of Underwater Flight at Bozo on ANU campus - Thurs 23/10/08 at 1pm. For the abstract and location details, see the ANU billboard[Corinna Paeper]
 10 Oct Photos from last week's Nelson Bay trip are up.
Update 13 October: Peter has added more photos and three videos from the Oakland wreck. [Kim Sebo and Peter Christen]
 8 Oct Researchers have taken video footage of deep-sea snailfish, living 8km below the surface in the Japan Trench. [Corinna Paeper]
 8 Oct A photographer has captured fantastic images of thousands of migrating Golden Rays off the coast of Mexico. [Arwen Mow-Lowry]
 3 Oct Photos from the Sydney trip are up! [Neo Aplin]
 1 Oct A reminder, the ANUSC is running a long-term site mapping project, and it now has it's own web page, here (see the Firefly at JB for an example completed survey). If you are keen to adopt a dive site and participate in the club's new mapping project, please contact Charles Adamson at anusc (dot) sitesurvey (at) live (dot) com (dot) au to register your interest and nominate a dive site(s). [Charles Adamson]

 25 Sep More new species discovered - 113 new sharks and rays half of which are endemic to Australian waters. [Corinna Paeper]
 19 Sep Scientists studying the reefs at Heron Is, Lizard Is and Ningaloo have catalogued hundreds of new species. Story and photos here[Corinna Paeper]
 16 Sep It's time that we got a new club logo! So we are running a competition to find the best logo that our wonderful club members can come up with. Details here; submissions close Oct 7th. [Arwen Mow-Lowry]
 15 Sep In case you have missed it, the Lady Musgrave Island 2008 slideshow is now available on the LMI page[Peter Christen]
 8 Sep Photos are in from the Lady Musgrave Island trip. Enjoy! [Peter Christen, Jeremy Weinman, Kim Sebo]
 1 Sep Cool water, but good viz - photos from the Shellharbour trip are up. [Kim Sebo]

 22 Aug First images from Lady Musgrave Island: A very short movie of a Tiger Shark, seen during the first week. What isnt visible on the movie is the group of divers just below, peering intently at a nudibranch. [Peter Christen]

 26 Jul A video of blue devils mating - never seen anything like it! [Chris Bloomfield]
 23 Jul A Grey Nurse Shark near Byron Bay somehow ended up with a gaff hook (pole and all) inside it. The story is here , via YouTube. [Mario Pahl]
 14 Jul Ron has provided photos from the weekend's JB trip[Ron Henry]
 13 Jul Peter has uploaded some more photos from the recent Port Hacking trip, as well as some videos from the Tuggerah wreck dives. They are available on the Port Hacking trip page[Peter Christen]
 7 Jul Many thanks to those hardworking souls who braved the blackberries at the Cotter tree planting on the weekend. Over 700 trees were planted, more than double last year's effort. A few photos are here[Kim Sebo]
 1 Jul Glorious weather and decent viz rewarded those who braved the chilly mornings on the Port Hacking trip. Photos from the weekend are here[Kim and Jen]

 26 Jun Aqualung are recalling some of their Titan DIN regs. Apparently the DIN screw can fail if overtightened. Yoke mount models are not affected. Details here[Corinna Paeper]
 15 Jun More photos from the Jervis Bay trip are online. [Jen Hine, Kim Sebo, Ron Henry, Steve Larkin]
 12 Jun An exhibition featuring (among others) photos of old Jindabyne underwater, by Canberra diver Tim Foster. The exhibition runs from 11-22 June, and is at the M16 art space, 16 Mildura St Kingston. [Jeremy Weinman]
 4 Jun Photos from the 40th Anniversary dinner are online. [Nadine Tietze, Chuck Young, Ron Henry]
 2 Jun It's monthly drinkypoos - tonight! It will be a dive planning meeting too - bring along your ideas for a trip location. Venue: All-Bar-Nun, OConnor Shops, from 6:30pm. [Nadine Tietze]

 29 May Due to upgrades of the ANU webserver, the ANUSC now has a new web address:

The old web address will redirect to the new site for the time being, but please update your bookmarks.

The website content has been migrated to the new server. If you notice something broken, let me know[Kim Sebo]

 26 May image credit: Arwen Mow-Lowry Photos from the Guerilla Bay trip are up. [Arwen Mow-Lowry, Kim Sebo]
 22 May Find that elusive dive site first go, everytime! If you are keen to adopt a dive site and participate in the club's new mapping project, please contact Charles Adamson at anusc (dot) sitesurvey (at) live (dot) com (dot) au to register your interest and nominate a dive site(s). LMI people are particularly welcome." [Charles Adamson]
 21 May Short-finned pilot whales have been observed making high-speed chases after prey at great depths, the first time such behavior has been seen in deep-diving mammals. [Corinna Paeper]
 21 May Mantis shrimp see 11 or 12 primary colors, as opposed to our humble 3, as well as as rare forms of polarization, a new study has found. Jen says they can also thwack you really hard. Be careful down there. [Corinna Paeper]
 20 May Still more photos from both the Banks and Montague Island trips. [Arwen Mow-Lowry]
 14 May More photos from both the Banks and Montague Island trips. [Jeremy Weinman]
 13 May More photos from Uli and Kim and a movie from Ron are up from the Banks trip[Steve Larkin, Ron Henry, Dave Clarke, Uli Mathesius, Kim Sebo]
 12 May Photos from a very successful week-long trip to the Sir John Young Banks/JB are available. [Steve Larkin, Ron Henry, Dave Clarke]
 12 May Uli has provided some more photos from the Montague Island trip[Uli Mathesius]
 11 May Peter has submitted his photos and a video with Thomas playing with seals from the long weekend trip to Montague Island. To see the video click here[Peter Christen]
 2 May A reminder that monthly drinks will be held this time on 5th May 6.30pm at All Bar Nun (located on Macpherson Street, O'Connor Shops). On Monday nights they have a "pizza and pint" special for $15. [Nadine Tietze]
 1 May Bigger than a Giant Squid, a Colossal Squid has been thawed in the name of science in NZ. What's next? The ReallyHumungous Squid?. [Corinna Paeper]
 1 May Giant freshwater stingrays have been found in a river in Thailand. [Corinna Paeper]

 28 Apr Ron has submitted photos and a trip report from the long weekend trip to Montague Island[Ron Henry]
 22 Apr A rare giant turtle previously thought to be extinct in the wild has been discovered in northern Vietnam, National Geographic tells us. [Corinna Paeper]
 22 Apr Ever wanted to dive Brush Island Pinnacle in 40 metre viz? Well, it happened on the weekend. First photos are up from the Brush Island trip[Arwen Mow-Lowry]
 10 Apr Yet more photos from the Honeymoon Bay Easter trip are up! [Arwen Mow-Lowry, Jose Barrero]
 9 Apr A SMH article on the Bateman's Bay Marine Park. Our new manager, Brendan Kelaher is a diver! [Jen Hine]
 8 Apr Glorious weather, millpond seas and decent viz. Photos from the Shellharbour trip are up. [Arwen Mow-Lowry]

 27 Mar First photos from the Honeymoon Bay Easter trip are up! [Ron Henry]
 12 Mar Photos from the Norah Head trip are up! [Ron Henry, Uli Mathesius]
 3 Mar We dived, we cleaned up Redfin Wharf, we made the press. Photos and Bay Post news article are up from the Clean Up Australia Day trip to Batemans Bay. [Jen Hine]

 27 Feb Yet more photos from the trip to the warm, blue waters of Montague Island are up. [Ron Henry]
 24 Feb Photos are in from the trip to Brush Island[Adam Parsons]
 24 Feb Giant sea spiders and other species are among thousands of creatures-a quarter of them previously unknown-found in the icy depths of the Southern Ocean. [Corinna Paeper]
 24 Feb A new study has mapped the effects of human behavior on the world's oceans, finding that 40 percent of the area has been strongly affected and no regions remain untouched. [Corinna Paeper]
 15 Feb Two new species of Wobbegong have been found in Western Australia. [Corinna Paeper]
 11 Feb Photos from the trip to the warm, blue waters of Montague Island are up! [Jeremy Weinman, Sandie Walters, Peter Christen]
 6 Feb Where does the plastic rubbish in the sea go? Into the Pacific Plastic Soup, that's where. [Glenn de Vine]
 5 Feb The weekend trip toShellharbour provided balmy 22C water and good vis, and we have the photos to prove it. [Ron Henry, Steve Larkin]

 31 Jan The February monthly drinky-poos (Monday Feb 4th, 6pm) will also double as a dive planning session for the next few months. Take a look at the current trip schedule and help fill in the gaps. Venue: The Uni Pub (not the ANU Bar) on University Ave, near Marcus Clarke St). [Nadine Tietze]
 31 Jan It seems that using sunscreen is a double-edged sword - good for you, but less good for the coral[Corinna Paeper]
 30 Jan The Byron Underwater Festival will be held from 30th April to 4th May. Diving/Snorkelling/UW photography competition/Kids activities, plus Neville Coleman will be there to launch his new book. Maybe he will even sign it for you. [Corinna Paeper]
 30 Jan A leatherback turtle recently made a record-breaking trek, from Indonesia to Oregon in 647 days. [Corinna Paeper]
 29 Jan The boats are barely dry, yet photos from the Eden trip are online. [Ron Henry, Adam Parsons, Cindy Wiryakusuma, Steve Larkin, Uli Mathesius, Jeremy Weinman]
 8 Jan The St George SCUBA club are running their annual ladies' weekend, in April, and women of the ANU club are invited to join them. [Kelly McFadyen via SCAN]
 8 Jan Unfortunately the planned trip to Jervis Bay has had to be cancelled. The next trip will be to Eden, over the Australia Day long weekend. [Walter Steyn]

Year 2007 News

 13 Dec Voting for the design of the ANUSC 2008 T-shirt is now OPEN! The polling booth is here. You've got till Dec 31st. [Arwen Mow-Lowry]
 7 Dec Two men in a tinny off Tuross Heads, whale watching. The scary way. [Arwen Mow-Lowry]
 5 Dec CSIRO Scientists are installing a series of underwater stations to track the sounds of marine life off WA's north-west coast. [Corinna Paeper]

 21 Nov Photos are in from the Bermagui trip. [Arwen Mow-Lowry, Adam Parsons, Steve Larkin]
 17 Nov Voting for the photos to be included on the ANUSC 2008 calendar is now OPEN! The polling booth is here[Sabrina Coventry]
 13 Nov Arwen and Wal have provided yet more photographic proof of the marvellous shore dives at Nelson Bay (The Pipeline, Fly Pt and Halifax Park). Photos here[Arwen Mow-Lowry, Wal Steyn]
 12 Nov Peter has submitted a bunch of photos taken with his new underwater camera, housing and strobe. They can be viewed on the Nelson Bay trip page. [Peter Christen]
 9 Nov Looking for a new dive computer? Check out the second installment of the ANUSC gear reviews: The Dive Computer Survey[Charles Adamson]
 9 Nov Photos are in from the Nelson Bay trip. [Sabrina Coventry, Jen Hine]
 9 Nov Cindy has submitted some more photos from the Montague Island trip. [Cindy Wiryakusuma]
 7 Nov Ever wondered just what you swallowed when you accidentally get a mouthful of seawater[Corinna Paeper]

 26 Oct Looking for a new dive torch? Check out the new ANUSC Dive Light Survey[Charles Adamson]
 24 Oct It's been a couple of years since the last ANUSC T-shirt was released so it's time for another one! Competition details here[Arwen Mow-Lowry]
 24 Oct Oceanic are recalling some DX type regulator first stages, due to the possibility of uncontrolled flow of air to the second stage. Details on the Oceanic website. [Corinna Paeper]
 22 Oct Photos and some great movies from the last week's trip to Montague Island are up! [Ron Henry, Uli Mathesius]
 19 Oct The uncanny stickiness of mussels has inspired a brainy new approach to creating a universal adhesive coating, researchers say. [Corinna Paeper]
 11 Oct The ARC for Coral Reef Studies is running a presentation for the general public with presentations on coral reef topics "including Nemo, sharks and global warming". Drinks too: Thursday 18 October, from 5:15pm at the Shine Dome. [Paul Thomas]

 18 Sep Photos from the Shellharbour trip are in! [Adam Parsons]
 10 Sep Scientists have discovered that Moray Eels are really good at ... biting! [Corinna Paeper]
 4 Sep Six Italian scuba divers are to live underwater for two weeks, providing their own food. The important question is - how will they get their morning coffee? [Corinna Paeper]

 24 Aug Photos from the rather damp Jervis Bay trip are now up. [Kim Sebo, Cécile Vangeleyn]
 21 Aug As part of Science Week, there is a free public talk on Aug 22 5.30pm at the Shine Dome (Acton), entitled Forensics Hypothetical - Treasure or Torture: Science in the Deep. Details at the Science Week website [Peter Christen]
 9 Aug Yet more photos from the Lady Musgrave Island trip are in! [Jeremy Weinman, Ron Henry, Uli Mathesius, Jose Barrero]
 9 Aug Coral reefs in the Indian and Pacific Oceans are dying off much quicker than previously thought, a new study shows. [Corinna Paeper]
 9 Aug A sad story indeed: Last seen in 2002, a study has found Yangtze river dolphins are now most likely extinct. [Paul Thomas]
 1 Aug Apparently, Grey Nurse Sharks come in white too. A White Nurse Shark[Corinna Paeper]
 1 Aug Via SCAN: A number of places on various commerical dive trips are available: three separate trips to PNG (Rabaul, Walindi, Milne Bay). And closer to home, there are a couple of spots on an Oceantrek trip in Jervis Bay. Details here[SCAN/Paul Thomas]

 31 Jul Lots of photos from the Lady Musgrave Island trip are in! [Jeremy Weinman, Ron Henry, Uli Mathesius]
 31 Jul Giant squid have invaded Californian waters. The SMH tells all[Arwen Mow-Lowry]
 25 Jul Scientists are planning on creating a "digital" Great White Shark to learn more about how they work. [Arwen Mow-Lowry]
 25 Jul Innovative Scuba Concepts are recalling a regulator swivel product. Details here. Note there are several versions of these devices and only one version is affected. If you happen to have one of these on your reg, you might want to get it checked. [Corinna Paeper]
 25 Jul This news story demonstrates that boating during a thunderstorm can be dangerous. [Arwen Mow-Lowry]
 23 Jul The weather was glorious and the food was yummy. 350 trees were planted too. Photos from the inaugural ANUSC tree planting day are here[Jen Hine]
 12 Jul A giant squid has been washed up onto a beach near Strahan, Tasmania. The ABC has the details. Tasmanian calamari prices have plummeted as a result. [Kim Sebo]
 2 Jul A quick reminder - the Monthly Drinky-Poos are tonight (July 2) at 6.00pm, at All Bar Nun, O'Connor Shops. As a bonus, it is $15 Pizza+Pint night. [Nadine Tietze]

 26 Jun Attention ANUSC shutterbugs: Want to see your photos up in lights? We're creating an ANUSC wall calendar, and we need your photos! See here for the details and how to submit your images. [Sabrina Coventry]
 25 Jun The infamous 'scuba tax' is officially dead! SCAN president Dave Olsen has received an letter from NSW DPI advising as much. Thanks to all those who took the time to lobby against it. [SCAN via Corinna Paeper]
 21 Jun At short notice, a few club members went out to the Lower Cotter last weekend to help Greening Australia plant trees. About 45 people planted aound 1500 trees all up. Of course, some photos were taken too. Another ANUSC-specific tree planting trip is currently being organised - stay tuned for details. [Jen Hine]
 19 Jun On Saturday, officials at a Japanese aquarium announced the birth of this not-so-small bundle of joy: a giant manta ray, said to be the first ever born in captivity. Details here[Corinna Paeper]
 14 Jun The break between the diving season and LMI is the time to fix all the hard wear and tear the boats have suffered in the last year. Saturday 23 June 2007 from 9am till mid-afternoon at the Boat Shed. Lunch will be provided by Michelle. Please come along to work on: Boats (electrics, painter, anchor rope, carpet, pontoon, tank rack, door latch); Trailers (bearings, brakes, lights); and Gear (regs, BCs) plus lots more... This working bee is for all members, not just those going to LMI! [Ron Henry]
 13 Jun The discovery of a weapons fragment from the 1800's in an Alaskan whale indicate it was probably more than a century old, the SMH reports[Arwen Mow-Lowry]
 12 Jun Despite the atrocious weather forecast, a group of keen divers went down to JB over the long weekend. Photos from the weekend are up. [Jen Hine, Corinna Paeper]
 4 Jun Reports are in that the diving in Shellharbour on the weekend was fantastic! Flat seas, water at about 19 degrees, no wind and 15m viz! This also meant that a lot of photos were taken! [Arwen Mow-Lowry, Adam Parsons, Glenn de Vine, Jose Barrero]

 31 May Ever felt the urge to run a dive trip? Havent been to the pub for a while? Well, you can arrange to do both at the next Monthly Drinkie Poohs - Mon June 4th, 6:15pm. At All Bar Nun in the O'Connor Shops. There will be eating, drinking, merriment, and we'll fill up the dive calendar for the second half of the year. BYO dive location ideas. (Even if you dont want to run a trip, you can still come along). [Nadine Tietze]
 28 May Photos from the Bermagui trip are up. [Arwen Mow-Lowry, Steve Larkin and Peter Christen]
 25 May New research shows parthenogenesis in sharks. "What's that?" I hear you ask. Aunty ABC explains. [Corinna Paeper]
 15 May The cameras were out at the Eden trip - and the photos are up. [Gail Vest, Ron Henry, Jen Hine, Arwen Mow-Lowry, Uli Mathesius, and Peter Christen]
 14 May A new Marine Reserve has been created at the Cod Grounds, off Port Macquarie. This is a key Grey Nurse aggregation site. Further details here[SCAN via Paul Thomas/Jennifer Hine]
 8 May Another weekend of flat seas and excellent viz. Photos from the Sir John Young Banks trip are up. [Jeremy Weinman, Ron Henry]

 22 Apr After a weekend of millpond seas and 25m viz, photos (and movies) from the Brush Island trip are up. [Arwen Mow-Lowry, Cindy Wiryakusuma, Ben Jeffares]
 22 Apr Chuck has provided photos from February's cave diving trip to Mt Gambier [Chuck Young]
 18 Apr The court case concerning the threat posed to the Grey Nurse Shark by the Ocean Trap and Line Fishery has begun. Details here[SCAN via Paul Thomas]
 12 Apr Photos from the Easter Seal Rocks trip are in. [Jen Hine, Steve Larkin, Cindy Wiryakusuma, Jeremy Weinman and Ron Henry]
 11 Apr The Ryde Underwater Club are organising a trip to Lissenung Island Resort (Kavieng, PNG). SCAN members are welcome to come along. [Paul Thomas/SCAN]

 22 Mar Draft minutes from the 2007 AGM are available. Thanks to all who came along. [Paul Thomas]
 20 Mar Photos from the Jervis Bay trip are available. [Ron Henry, Jeremy Weinman and Steve Larkin]
 16 Mar The NSW Fisheries Scientific Committee have proposed reclassifying (PDF document) the Grey Nurse Shark from Endangered to Critically Endangered[Paul Thomas]
 15 Mar CSIRO scientists are monitoring a mysterious 200km wide cold water eddy off Sydney. [Jeremy Weinman]
 12 Mar Our photographers have some photos from last weekend's trip to Tathra[Steve Larkin, Kim Sebo, and Cindy Wiryakusuma]
 9 Mar A reminder that the ANU SCUBA club annual general meeting is on Tuesday 13 March, from 6pm, in Manning Clarke 6. This is the place to be if you want to find out more about the club and what we're up to; if you want to eat FREE PIZZA; or if you want to go on our two-week extravaganza to Lady Musgrave Island. The agenda, and reports from this year's executive, are available online. See you there. [Paul Thomas]
 8 Mar The winner has been announced in the clubs day gear bag giveaway. Congratulations Dave! [Paul Thomas]
 8 Mar Lady Musgrave Island (LMI) is a Great Barrier Reef dive destination that the Club has ritually visited for over twenty years. It is a highlight of our diving year and something all club divers should do at least once!
There are a limited number of places available for this excellent trip, and the trip list will open at this years AGM held at 6pm on Tuesday 13th march at Manning Clark lecture room 6.
The trip has always been popular, so plan to come and bring your deposit to the AGM! [Jeremy Weinman]
 8 Mar The NSW Heritage Office have a wreck inspection and heritage plan online for the Lady Darling. [Charlie Adamson]
 6 Mar For those who are curious, we have some figures for 2006 in review, dives and divers and money. [Alison Shield]

 26 Feb The Sport and Recreation Association have announced their AGM, and called for nominations for Council[Paul Gilbert]
 26 Feb Jen has some photos from the exploratory trip to Aughinish Rock[Jen Hine]
 26 Feb The St George SCUBA club are running a trip on the Undersea Explorer, in October, and ANU people are invited to join them. [Kelly Jandik via SCAN]
 22 Feb The Club new year begins with both Tom's New And Rusties trip, but also a welcome BBQ. We also put on a slide show as well featuring the last year's dive highlights, including from LMI. And you'll also see what Bundy does to an otherwise mild mannered, well behaved boy... [Charlie Adamson]
 22 Feb Greg from the Ryde Underwater Club is arranging a trip to Jervis Bay with Ocean Trek. ANU folk are invited too. [RUC]
 20 Feb Our photographers have some photos from last weekend's trip to Mystery Bay[Steve Larkin, Peter Christen, and Ron Henry]
 15 Feb The club is a member of SCAN, the SCUBA Clubs Association of NSW. John Olsen of SCAN explains what SCAN is and why it's important. [SCAN]
 15 Feb A Japanese expedition has filmed human-sized giant squid with glowing arms, which they seem to use for communication and to stun prey. [Corinna Paeper]
 14 Feb Today is Clubs Day at ANU, so pop along to the SCUBA club stall at the far end of University Ave (next to the DJs -- listen for the douff douff music) and say hi. While you're there, you can sign up for the 2007 membership year and go into the draw to win a funky gear bag. [Corinna Paeper]
 13 Feb Interested in what's going on in the SCUBA club? Want to be involved in setting the club's direction; to be part of the Lady Musgrave Island extravaganza; or just to look at some pretty photos and eat free food?
The 2007 ANUSC annual general meeting will be on Tuesday 13 March, from 6pm, in Manning Clarke theatre 6. If there is anything you'd like to discuss, or anything you'd like to ask the outgoing committee, please inform the secretary by Monday 5 March. [Paul Thomas]
 12 Feb The Bay Post reports on an injury to a grey nurse which may have been caused by tagging. [Peter Christen]
 12 Feb Oceanic are recalling some ATOM brand dive computers[Corinna Paeper]
 8 Feb The Department of Defence has given the HMAS Adelaide to NSW for use as an artificial reef. Scuttling is expected to happen around 2008. [Charles Adamson]
 7 Feb Seals and sharks and divers, oh my! Our photographers have pictures from Mystery Bay[Steve Larkin, Ron Henry, Jeremy Weinman, Jose Barrero, and Peter Christen]
 4 Feb The Age reports: "The monogamous reputation of Australian seahorses has been trashed by British researchers, who have branded them shameless flirts." [Sonia Rainbow]
 1 Feb Due to the introduction of Voluntary Student Unionism (VSU) the membership fees for both the ANU Sports and Recreation Association (SRA) and the Scuba Club are changing this year. The new Scuba club membership fee will be $30 for ANU students and $50 for everyone else. Please note that the other prices are not changing (boat dives and gear hire). Read more...[Arwen Mow-Lowry]

 29 Jan Ex-ANUSC diver Glenn de Vine asks whether anyone has suggestions for diving the Red Sea off Egypt. Ideas? Drop him a line[Glenn de Vine]
 29 Jan Our keen photographers have some photos from Eden[Corinna Paeper, Arwen Mow-Lowry, Jeremy Weinman, and Ron Henry]
 29 Jan For something different we're going to try a new place for our Scuba Club social drinks on the first Monday of the month. So come along to Debacle (Lonsdale St Braddon) from 6pm Monday 5 February with 2 for 1 pizzas and a great range of beers.
This social gathering will also incorporate the next phase of 2007 dive planning ... our calendar is very busy until Easter but there's bound to be other trips people want to do after that. So if you want to dive this year please come along and have a drink and give us suggestions for dive trips... better still volunteer to be a trip coordinator. If you haven't done it before then you can probably persuade someone who has to co-coordinate with you! [Anita de Fredrick]
 21 Jan The Australian Marine Conservation Society, amongst other groups, invites help to stop a salt mining project on the edge of Exmouth gulf, WA. [AMCS via SCAN]
 18 Jan The Underwater Research Group of Queensland are jetting off to Thailand in April and invite your company[URGQ via SCAN]
 15 Jan Our keen photographers have some photos from last weekend's trip to Shellharbour[Cindy Wirkayusuma, Giel van Noorden, Steve Larkin, and Kim Sebo]
 8 Jan Some of us are back from holidays and some of us have done some great diving over Xmas, so let's get together for the first club drinks of 2007 at All Bar Nun, O'Connor shops from 6pm tonight to swap stories and catch up on everyone's news ... [Anita de Fredrick]

Year 2006 News

 21 Dec The Australian Marine Conservation Society are requesting submissions to the federal government on proposed marine protected areas for SE Australia. Submissions are due at the end of the week. [AMCS]
 20 Dec Merry Christmas all! Remember we have diving happening right through the break, and our first social occasion of 2007 is the back-to-work drinkie-poohs on January 8. Catch you all in the new year. [Santa]
 18 Dec A photographic extravaganza from last weekend's trip to Honeymoon Bay. [Arwen Mow-Lowry, Kim Sebo, Jeremy Weinman, and Ron Henry]
 8 Dec Hye-Kyung Kim & Harold Schranz are happy to announce announce the birth of their cute ("of course") baby boy Adam Schranz who is sleeping contentedly in between occasionally testing a healthy set of lungs. [Harry Schranz]
 4 Dec It was a BBQ of two halves, and snags were the winners on the day. We have photos from the club's Christmas BBQ[Arwen Mow-Lowry]
 4 Dec Women in the club are invited to join the St George Scuba Club Annual Ladies' Weekend Away on February 16--18 next year. [Michael McFadyen via SCAN]

 26 Nov Arwen has some photos from our recent trips to Tathra and Mystery Bay[Arwen Mow-Lowry]
 24 Nov This is a reminder about ... Scuba club Xmas Party! If you haven't already RSVP'd please let me know if you're planning to come so I can get an idea of numbers for catering (and tell me if you're a vegetarian). And before filling up with sausages at the Christmas Party there will be an exceptional chance for a dive you will never forget: a dive in Lake Burley Griffin! [Anita de Fredrick and Nadine Tietze]

 15 Oct The weather was excellent, the coffee abundant, and the divers happy; Steve has photos from yesterday's trip to Mosquito Bay[Steve Larkin]
 10 Oct Submissions are due on Sunday for the zoning of the new Batemans Marine Park -- which covers a lot of the area we dive and is home to several endangered species. You can support submissions from the NPA~Marine or Nature Conservation Council, or write your own. [Anita de Fredrick]
 5 Oct The ABC is reporting that environment groups are considering legal action over state and commonwealth failure to protect grey nurse sharks. (More from the Humane Society and the SMH.) [Paul Thomas and Arwen Mow-Lowry]
 4 Oct Thanks to everyone who came along to our social evening / dive planning meeting last night. We've now got dives scheduled for summer, and a few more in the pipeline for later in 2007. Check out the 2006 and 2007 trip lists for details. [Paul Thomas]
 3 Oct The NSW government has introduced new rules for approaching whales and dolphins[Matthias Regner]
 3 Oct Photos are available from last weekend's trip to Shellharbour. [Arwen Mow-Lowry]
 3 Oct The Musgravites have returned from their fortnight on the reef, some with photos from the trip. Enjoy! [Arwen Mow-Lowry, Corinna Paeper, Peter Christen]

 28 Sep The Milton-Ulladulla Times has a piece on the proposed NSW SCUBA "tax"[SCAN]
 25 Sep It has finally happened. I've served my sentence in Australia, and as I am obviously not first fleet material, will be leaving Australia this coming Saturday to return to Canada. So if you would like to drink a final beer in my company, show up at o-bar-nun on Thursday after gear issue/gear return. (Editorial note: Ernie must have set a record: in 19 months with the club he's been on 49 club trips and 209 dives!) [Ernie Perkins]
 25 Sep Yes that's right, a bunch of us are back from beautiful Musgrave Island, and so it's time to start planning the summer dive season. Due to the long weekend we'll have our monthly social drinks on: Tuesday 3 October from 6pm @ All Bar Nun, O'Connor shops
So if you want to dive over the summer come along and have a drink and give us suggestions for dive trips... better still volunteer to be a trip coordinator. If you haven't done it before then you can probably persuade someone who has to co-coordinate with you! [Anita de Fredrick]
 25 Sep The ANU school of archaeology and anthropology are presenting Archaeology beneath the sea: Shipwrecks and their cargoes in the Philippines this Thursday evening. The lecture is free and open to the public. [Peter Christen]

 31 Aug Our social officer and many others are off to Lady Musgrave Island for two weeks of tropical diving, but fear not! Those of us not swimming with mantas can still tell tall tales over a drink at All Bar Nun, O'Connor shops, from 6pm on Monday 4 September. [Paul Thomas]
 16 Aug Some photos from last weekend's shore dives at Shellharbour are now available. Enjoy. [Jose Barrero and Peter Christen]

 24 Jul $5 movie night: Into the Blue, 7:30pm Monday 7 August. Yes that's right ... instead of our normal monthly club drinks we're having a movie night, and it's cheap and on campus! Come and see this action adventure starring Jessica Alba and Paul Walker on the big screen with the top-class Dolby Digital sound system at the Coombs Lecture Theatre, ANU. $5 at the door Come along and support your club ... friends, family, work colleagues all welcome! [Anita de Fredrick]
 20 Jul The JB diving club are arranging a movie fundraiser this weekend for their Grey Nurse Ghost Fund -- money raised will go to GNS protection. [Rod Peterlin]
 20 Jul The SMH are reporting a recovery in humpback whale numbers on the east coast of Australia. [Arwen Mow-Lowry]
 20 Jul Geoscience Australia have a marine mapping application freely available on the web. [Lucy Randall]
 3 Jul One for your diaries: the ANUSC movie night! We're showing Into the Blue: Sam (Jessica Alba) and Jared (Paul Walker) are young divers in the Bahamas. Sam finds a historic wreck, but nearby is a wrecked airplane with a large quantity of cocaine. Jared and Sam want the treasure; their diving partners want the drugs. When a bunch of dangerous criminals realize the plane and cocaine are submerged somewhere in the area, Jared and Sam find themselves in mortal peril.
The Coombs Lecture Theatre, ANU, 7:30pm on 7 August; tea, coffee and snacks available. Just $5 at the door. All welcome!

 [Anita de Fredrick]

 2 Jul Arwen says: "The diving on the weekend is the diving that makes you want to go again and again. Fantastic trip!". Photos are available too. [Arwen Mow-Lowry, Adrian Cengia, and Jose Barrero]

 29 Jun is trying to get a million people to sign a petition to stop whaling. [Jeremy Weinman]
 28 Jun Brrr ... it's cold. But don't despair, you can still talk all things diving with other underwater-breathers at our monthly scuba club drinkies from 6pm Monday 3 July @ All Bar Nun, O'Connor shops. [Anita de Fredrick]
 14 Jun Matthias, Arwen, and Ron have photos from a slightly soggy trip to Jervis Bay[Matthias Regner, Arwen Mow-Lowry, and Ron Henry]
 6 Jun Thanks to everyone who came along to our social evening / dive planning meeting last night. We've now got dives scheduled for most of the winter, and a few more in the pipeline for later in the year. Check out the trip list for details. [Paul Thomas]

 30 May This is why you shouldn't try to tickle a shark[Ernie Perkins]
 29 May Yes it's time once again to visit All Bar Nun to enjoy a brew...
Monday 5th June; End of summer season drinkie poohs and the next phase of 2006 dive planning; All Bar Nun, O'Connor from 6pm
So if you want to dive in the second half of the year please come along and have a drink and give us suggestions for dive trips... better still volunteer to be a trip coordinator. If you haven't done it before then you can probably persuade someone who has to co-coordinate with you! [Anita de Fredrick]
 29 May From the good news department: the Jervis Bay marine park is working, and some key species are recovering. [Matthias Regner, Ernie Perkins, Arwen Mow-Lowry]
 23 May The trip last weekend to the Sir John Young Banks was something of a shark-fest with loads of (harmless) grey nurse sharks hanging around. Ron has photos and words[Ron Henry]
 8 May The marine section of the National Parks Association are raising funds by auctioning tickets to a dinner with Valerie and Ron Taylor, in Sydney on June 14. [Paul Thomas]
 1 May Where does your trip money go, you wonder? The 2006 budget is available on the web. You may also be interested in the club's ten-year plan, 2001-2010, which is the basis of our budgeting. [Alison Shield]

 27 Apr A date for your diaries next week ... monthly Scuba Club drinks at All Bar Nun, O'Connor from 6pm Monday 1 May. See you there! [Anita de Fredrick]
 25 Apr The trip's not even over and already there are photos from Montague for your viewing pleasure. [Arwen Mow-Lowry and Jeremy Weinman]
 19 Apr The draft NSW Ocean Trap and Line Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) has now been released by the NSW Government. This statement acknowledges the serious impact of this type of fishing on the endangered grey nurse shark and the vulnerable black cod and great white shark, but again fails to suggest the fishing exclusion zones seen in Queensland and in Marine Parks. Have your say this week. You may like to read the club's submission[James Parks]
 19 Apr The Easter weather at Shellharbour was better than predicted and we had some quite good dives. Photos are available[Ron Henry and Micheal Munzinger]
 10 Apr Ernie reports from last weekend's trip to Tathra / Merimbula. [Ernie Perkins]
 4 Apr Photos are on the web from last weekend's trip to Jervis Bay. [Ron Henry and Arwen Mow-Lowry]
 3 Apr Reminder - scuba club drinks from 6pm tonight @ all bar nun. [Anita de Fredrick]

 29 Mar Kiribati has created a new marine reserve covering an impressive 185,000km2[Ernie Perkins]
 29 Mar Never mind your underwater ironing... [Ernie Perkins]
 24 Mar The club safety page now includes information on reporting safety incidents and near-misses, optionally anonymously. The committee strongly encourage members to let us know if there are safety concerns during a club activity so we can know what might go wrong and what's going right. [Paul Thomas]
 24 Mar The NSW government has recently announced the formation of Batemans Marine Park.

Members of the public are invited to have their say on what should drive the park's planning, and how they use the area. The club has sent a submission, but we urge you to add your voice to help ensure the park is properly planned and has a sound focus on conservation.

The club's response (in three parts; a survey and two maps) is online, and you should feel free to copy it for your own submission if you like. Submissions are officially due today (Friday), but we're told they'll accept late submissions as well to the address on the survey. [James Parks]

 23 Mar Photos are online from last weekend's trip to Norah Head. [Steve Larkin and Peter Christen]
 17 Mar The draft minutes and committee reports from this week's AGM are available. Thanks to all who attended. [Matthias Regner, Michelle Lim, Paul Thomas, Alison Shield, and Alex Pentony Vran]
 10 Mar The agenda and committee reports for the 2006 AGM are available (revised 13 March). Hope to see you there. [Paul Thomas]
 6 Mar Photos are online from last weekend's trip to Shellharbour. [Arwen Mow-Lowry and Peter Christen]
 1 Mar The Australian Marine Conservation Society reports some success with their sharks and rays campaign: sharks carcasses can no longer be dumped overboard in Australian fisheries, they are now protected in 80% of Western Australia's tropical shark fishing grounds, there has been a substantial decrease in the killing of sharks for their fins in the NT, and more resources have been committed to fighting illegal shark fin fishing in Northern Australia. [Jeremy Weinman]
 1 Mar Motions for consideration at the Annual General Meeting need to be submitted to the secretary by eight days prior -- so that's by COB on Monday 6 March. The agenda will be circulated no later than Friday 10 March, and the AGM itself is on Tuesday 14 March, from 6pm in Manning Clarke LT 6. [Paul Thomas]

 28 Feb Some photos from the trip to Malua Bay are online. [Arwen Mow-Lowry]
 27 Feb Please be advised that the 2006 Sport and Recreation Association AGM process has now commenced, as per the timeline[Paul Thomas]
 24 Feb Greg from the Ryde Underwater Club is arranging a trip on the Underwater Explorer. ANU folk are invited too. [RUC]
 23 Feb The next few weeks contain a wealth of SCUBA social events.... Next Thursday 2nd March please join us at North Oval (the boat shed) for the Welcome BBQ from 6pm -- BYO drinks, something to eat off, and a salad or dessert. Monday 6th March we will be having our monthly drinks from 6pm at All Bar Nun (at O'Connor Shops) so hope to see you there after boat wash. The 2006 Annual General Meeting will be held on Tuesday 14 March, from 6-8pm in Manning Clark theatre 6. [Alison Shield]
 20 Feb The new Scuba Club t-shirts have arrived and are ready for collection. Those who ordered one can bring $ and collect them at the following times at the gear shed (coinciding with boat washes and gear issue): Today 5:30pm; Thursday 23rd Feb 5:30pm; Monday 27th Feb 5:30pm; Thursday 2nd March 5:30pm. [Anita deFredrick]
 20 Feb The ANUSC / SCUBA Store treasure hunt took place last weekend, with 25 divers elbowing each other out of the way in a rush to find shiny things underwater. Photos of the weekend are up, thanks to Gail, Peter, Arwen, Kim, and Ron. Congratulations to all our winners! [Paul Thomas]
 14 Feb Spurilla neopolitana is a sea slug - it is an unwanted visitor to Australian shores. It has turned up along the east coast. [SCAN]
 13 Feb You guessed it: there are photos from the trip to Honeymoon Bay[Ron Henry and Arwen Mow-Lowry]
 9 Feb A diver in NZ has survived three days at sea (also here). [Paul Thomas]
 9 Feb The Department of Primary Industries has lost a landmark case against a spearfisherman for killing a grey nurse shark after a magistrate accepted it was self defence. [SCAN]
 8 Feb Thanks to all who came along last night to plan the next few months' diving, and especially to everyone who put up their hand to coordinate a trip. The schedule is absolutely chokkers, with 15 trips in the next 18 weekends including a good mix of easy and more challenging diving. (Expect a little movement over the next few days as the dust settles.) [Alison Shield and Paul Thomas]

 31 Jan The photographers have been busy again and we have photos from last weekend's trip to Port Stephens. Enjoy! [Peter Christen, Ron Henry, Steve Larkin, and Arwen Mow-Lowry]
 30 Jan This week it will be February and being the beginning of a month means we are due to meet for drinks. We will meet on Tuesday February 7th from 6pm at All Bar Nun (O'Connor Shops)... this social gathering will also incorporate the next phase of 2006 dive planning.

Also coming rapidly onto the horizon is the annual Welcome BBQ - more info to come!!

Finally the AGM is also approaching and likely to be scheduled between New and Rusties and the March long weekend - so start thinking about who you want to be on the 2006 committee. [Alison Shield]

 17 Jan We have photographic evidence: sunfish seen off Mystery Bay last weekend! [Ron Henry, Steve Larkin, and Peter Christen]
 6 Jan Photos from the Eden trip are available. [Arwen Mow-Lowry]
 6 Jan Ron has volunteered to run a trip to Mystery Bay in place of the cancelled Port Hacking trip. [Matthias Regner]
 23 Dec Merry Christmas all! Catch you in 2006 for some more good diving and good times. [Santa]

Year 2005 News

 22 Dec In the icy Arctic Ocean, scientists discover the world's northernmost known octopus: bright pink and flapping like Dumbo[Ernie Perkins]
 20 Dec The latest on the Japanese "mini sub", as seen by the NSW Heritage Office. [Ernie Perkins]
 19 Dec Cousteau fils dresses up as a shark[Ernie Perkins]
 16 Dec Photos from the Jervis Bay trip are available. [Steve Larkin]
 16 Dec A whole bunch of GPS marks are now available from our links page[Charles Adamson]
 8 Dec Robin Appleby, of DOUTS and the URG, also weighs in on dive fees. [Matthias Regner]
 7 Dec A Japanese midget submarine, thought lost off Australia during WWII, may have turned up[Ernie Perkins]
 6 Dec A member sends a generic dive log which might be useful. [Paul Thomas]
 6 Dec Remember you have until Friday to place your t-shirt order[Charles Adamson]
 6 Dec Due to unexpected events, reimbursement day will now be on Thursday 8 December 5.15-5.30 pm (previously, it was on Friday). Due to the short notice, I will also be at club social drinks tonight at the Uni Bar to sign off on cheques (from 6pm) - if that would suit you better.

Please note that you will need to let the appropriate committee member know of your expenditure beforehand as they need to approve it before I can sign a cheque for it. [Michelle Lim]

 5 Dec Today is a fine first Monday of the month and means that tomorrow would be the first Tuesday. All Bar Nun was really crowded last month and it is the time of year to enjoy the great outdoors... so let us meet for some Christmas drinks at the Uni Bar from 5:30 onwards... Tuesday 6th December. [Alison Shield]

 22 Nov Urgent: Bill Keating has very kindly offered his house for tonights event.... and he has a BBQ!!!!

Bill and Chris live at 321 Hindmarsh Dr, Rivett. In Bill's words... 'we live on the median strip under a large blue and silver tarp'. Or if you haven't been there before they actually live in a house on the service rd. If it all gets too hard and you are hopelessly lost then phone 62882449.

So bring meat and booze plus a salad or dessert to share. We have bumped the time from 5:30 to 6pm to give us northerners time to travel south. I have space in my car for three lucky inner north side punters. Let me know if you would like a ride before 12:30 today and first in best dressed. [Alison Shield]

 23 Nov The Scuba Store in Braddon will be organising an SSI decompression diving course around May 2006. If you're interested please contact Steve. People might also be interested in the highly recommendable SSI Stress and Rescue course. Again contact Steve at the Scuba Store for more details. [Peter Christen]
 22 Nov As voted by you, the winning design for the ANUSC's 2006 t-shirt competition is ... "Live and Let Dive, diver and shark" which romped home with 41% of first-choice votes. Now it's time to place your orders for your summer diving t-shirt. [Anita de Fredrick]
 11 Nov Friday 25th November at the traditional Lake Burley Griffin's 'Carp Gutters' is go for the ANUSC Christmas party!

So meet us on Black Mountain Peninsula at 5:30 - just keep following the road to the very end carpark and we will be in the vicinity. BYO meat and booze plus a salad or dessert to share. Chairs, tables and lights are all good optional extras. And if you need a lift then let us know so we can organise car pools! [Alison Shield]

 10 Nov For sale: 4.3m NAIAD RIB, ideal dive boat: $14,000 o.n.o. The ANU Scuba Club has recently purchased a new 5.3 metre RIB (the "Tigger") and we now need to sell our beloved "Daffodil" to make room. [Charles Adamson]
 10 Nov Given the increased outcry for a new club t-shirt, you can speed up the process by voting here[Charles Adamson]
 8 Nov The Daily Telegraph weighs in on Grey Nurse Sharks[Charles Adamson]

 31 Oct The social calender tells me that tomorrow is the first Tuesday of November which would be drinkies poohs! See you from 6pm tomorrow Tuesday November 1st at the usual haunt All Bar Nun. [Alison Shield]
 21 Oct Bone-eating snot-flowers. Those lucky biologists. [Paul Thomas]
 19 Oct I need volunteers to fix up the Daf for sale. We need the work done by early Nov. Could you please nominate yourself for one or more tasks. I will probably organise a mini-bee for the volunteers; probably the weekend after this one.

Don't think that there are a crowd of volunteers . you are our only hope.

By the way, the mini-bee can be pretty good fun. [Bill Keating]

 13 Oct Photos are available from our recent trip to Mystery Bay. [Ron Henry]
 13 Oct Due to unexpected teaching commitments, we've had to reschedule the Treasure Hunt. It'll probably run in mid-February, but watch this space... [Paul Thomas]
 4 Oct Well the first Tues of the month has rolled around so it must be time for drinkie poohs! TONIGHT 6pm onwards at All Bar Nun.

Apologies for the late notice - I was in Adelaide last week - unfortunately at a conference and not courting great whites... [Alison Shield]

 4 Oct "The question is, were these dolphins made secure before Katrina struck?" (If it's in the paper, it must be true!) [Jeremy Weinman]
 4 Oct NSW Fisheries have put up a discussion paper on an annual scuba diving fee of $30/year, to dive in "critical habitats" (or everywhere), with revenue going to shark recovery (or education, or admin costs, or promoting the commercial dive industry). Submissions can be made by 1 December. [Charles Adamson]

 26 Sep Photos from our recent trip to Port Hacking are now online for your enjoyment - they include the first pictures of the club's new boat in action... [Peter Christen]
 22 Sep ...we hope to see those creative juices flow like the juice of a freshly cut pineapple running down the sparkling, laughing brown face of a native child on a warm sunny day on a Pacific tropical island as the deep blue aquatic waters gently lap against the golden sands of the beach... [Charlie Adamson]
 21 Sep For the spelunkers and historians among you, old club newsletters (1991-2001) are on the web. [Paul Thomas]
 15 Sep Thanks to everyone who submitted ideas for a name for the new boat, and to everyone who took the time to cast a vote. The people have spoken and the winning entry, with almost three times as many votes as any other, is "Tigger". "Tigger" was suggested by Megan Williams, who by way of thanks will get free boat dives on her next club trip. Hip hip!

Tigger will be at the gear shed on Thursday 15th, as the boats are readied for this weekend's trip, so feel free to come along and take a look.

We will also have an "official" naming and general showing-off during the Treasure Hunt weekend (19-20 November) -- this is a good chance to enjoy the more social aspects of the club so do come along and be a part of this. [ANUSC committee]

 13 Sep After intensive lobbying by the Eurobodalla Shire Council and others, the NSW government has changed its mind on new regulations for "primitive" campgrounds including Mystery Bay. The ESC's press release has more. [Paul Thomas]
 12 Sep Thanks to all who came along last week to discuss our dive calendar, and thanks specially to everyone who volunteered to run a trip. The calendar for 2005 and early 2006 is now available. If you'd like to run a trip, please get in touch with the committee -- the more the merrier! [Paul Thomas]
 9 Sep John Greer at Dive Oz has an opinion piece on the NSW government's plans for Grey Nurse Shark conservation. [Charles Adamson]
 5 Sep Thanks to Jeremy, we have a shiny new weather page, with links to current observations, forecasts for land and sea, and tide information. [Paul Thomas]
 2 Sep The dive calender is looking sparse but do not fear - monthly drinks as always are here! Let's meet at All Bar Nun from 6pm next Tuesday 6th September to drink away the clouds and plan some dive trips for the rest of the year. [Alison Shield]

 12 Aug A reminder of the club's Buy-Swap-Sell page, where you can advertise if you like to sell some of your old scuba gear, or if you're looking for that special second-hand item... Please e-mail your details to Peter Christen[peter Christen]
 1 Aug The Sport and Recreation Association, our parent body, has invited members to participate in its planning process. Their green paper and a short questionnaire are available here. [Paul Thomas]

 27 Jul The new boat has arrived: now it needs a name! Several names have been suggested, and now you can vote for your favourite. The winning name will be announced at August's social event. [Paul Thomas]
 22 Jul The first photos from Lady Musgrave Island are available for your viewing pleasure. [Paul Thomas]
 21 Jul Former club member Pat Armstrong passed away 12 July after a long battle with cancer. Pat was only with the club a short while, attending trips in the latter part of 2002 (the photo at left is from the November 2002 SCAN trip to Jervis Bay), but his generosity is greatly appreciated by those he helped. Our condolences go out to his wife Yukali and children Shiro and Seiji. [Darran Edmundson]
 19 Jul Ray has picked up our new boat, and the first photos are on the web! It's got a lot more space inside, and Ray says the new trailer is "a delight to tow". [Alex Pentony Vran]
 15 Jul Michelle Lim was so kind to become acting treasurer, while I am slaving in Germany. I handed over the books to her and I am very thankful to Michelle for doing that. Please be always nice to Michelle.

Have a great time diving! [Katharina Siebke]

 15 Jul The club has been camping at the Mystery Bay "primitive" campground for years, but it may now be under threat as new regulations limit the number of campers to about half the current capacity (with associated loss of earnings for the Shire Council). There's more at the Eurobodalla Shire Council, including thoughts on what you can do to be heard, and the Sydney Morning Herald has coverage too. [Paul Thomas]
 1 Jul Do you want to continue to dive in Grey Nurse Shark habitats? The NSW Department of Primary Industries has proposed to introduce a fee (of up to $20 per dive) for diving in any of the State's recognized 13 Grey Nurse Shark critical habitats. These include North Montague Island and the Tollgates, Forster and Seal Rocks, places we regularly dive. What's perhaps even worse, they intend to restrict access to these sites to commercial operators only! If you want to continue diving with Grey Nurses - and there is no scientific evidence that we have a detrimental effect on their population biology - you will have to lobby very strongly against this proposal. [Matthis Regner]

 23 Jun The Scuba Club has received funding under the SRA's Women in Sport category and will use the money to encourage women to get boat licences. Applicants will be judged on how they have contributed to the club and how active they are in club activities ie. going on dive trips. Depending on how many successful applicants there are, the funding will cover some of the cost of a yearly boat licence. All women interested need to contact me by 15th July (this gives Musgravites a chance to apply). [Anita de Fredrick]
 16 Jun A reminder that if you're curious what the club's committee is up to, minutes and agendas for committee meetings are available on the web: minutes as soon as they're confirmed, and draft agendas as soon as they're available (generally in the first week of the month). If there's anything you'd like your committee to discuss, let us know. [Paul Thomas]
 2 Jun It is time once again to visit All Bar Nun to enjoy a brew...
  • Tuesday 7th June 2005
  • End of summer season drinkie poohs: Venue: All Bar Nun, from 6pm

 [Alison Shield]

 1 Jun If you don't know how to use the oxygen kit, or are a little rusty, this is for you! Ron Henry has offered to run an introduction to oxygen for the club. The session comprises an oxygen video from DAN, a powerpoint presentation from Ron, and an opportunity to practice with the clubs oxygen gear. It is not a formal oxygen training course, but should give you a basic understanding of how to apply oxygen as first aid.

The session will be on Wednesday 15th June, from 18:30 in Manning Clark theatre 5 on the ANU campus. MCC T5 is located in the Manning Clark building, up the ramp from union court (near the bar :-)). Expect the session to last 2-2.5 hours. [Chris Bloomfield]

 17 May Photos from our recent trip to Eden are available. [Sabrina Coventry]
 16 May Our new boat is on its way! We've placed an order with ARIB for a new boat to replace the Daffodil, and expect to pick up a shiny new 5.3m RIB on the way back from Lady Musgrave Island in early July. The new boat will be very similar to the Pufferfish; the main changes are a slightly higher bow, a slightly increased rake, a slightly wider beam, hydraulic steering, and a braked trailer. It should be drier, easier to handle, safer to tow, and still bright yellow.

Of course a new boat needs a new name, so we'll run a contest: email your christening ideas to Paul. In July we'll collate the suggestions and put them up for your vote. Your suggestion can remain anonymous if you like.

This has only been possible due to the club's long-term planning and saving over a number of years, and due to the SRA's grants. This is your SRA and club fees at work.

Thanks to Bill, Norm, Jeremy, Ray, Steve, Mark and Eric for all their work in getting us this far! [Paul Thomas]

 16 May Today's ABC Australian Story is about cave diver Dave Shaw. [Peter Christen]
 13 May Regrettably a lack of interest means the August ski trip has to be cancelled. [Sabrina Coventry]
 12 May Think you want to dive, but not quite sure? Know somebody in this situation? The club is running try dives in 2005 -- come along and try sucking from a can to see whether you like it. Contact Alex if you're interested. [Alex Pentony Vran]
 11 May Like many people, I've been having a lot of o-ring failures in my (and club) Faber tanks and feel I need to carry some (a lot of) spare o-rings. Several club members ordered nitrile and/or viton o-rings last year and have had good luck with them. Some of the viton o-rings have not blown in a year.

Viton will probably cost about $1 per o-ring; Nitrile will probably cost about $0.20 per o-ring.

So if you are interested in getting o-rings for your tank or elsewhere, send me an email and I'll co-ordinate the order. Would like to send it out by next week or so, as I want to receive them before LMI. [Ernie Perkins]

 9 May Time for the annual working bee - Saturday 4th June 2005 at 10am.

Location: Dive Shed (North Oval ANU).

What you need: You need to be able to eat Pizza, drink beer, listen to tall stories or tell tall stories. You may get some fun tasks allocated to you (pick up pizzas, pick up beer, tie a few knots, oil North Oval).

Musgravites are expected to attend since this is largely about making sure that everything is the way they want the boats for their trip. Musgravites will also get a good feel for the boats, compressor etc and Chris may have a whole lot of stuff for Musis to do.

Other club members are also expected to attend.

Could you please RSVP me if you wish to attend. Being a complete control freak I would like to allocate tasks to people before the big day so that on the big day everyone knows what to do. I have been to plenty of working bees where we are kicking the dirt outside the shed while a few people try and organise everyone.

So get in touch. It will be fun. [Bill Keating]

 5 May Thanks to all those who came along to plan some dives (and have a beer) last night, and thanks especially to everyone who volunteered to coordinate a trip. Two new dives are on the trip calendar; more will be there soon as we finalise dates and places. Stay tuned! [Paul Thomas]

 29 Apr Uli has some photos of sharks and seals, as well as other critters, from last weekend's trip to Mystery Bay. [Ulrike Mathesius]
 28 Apr We are looking for a coordinator(s) for our Lady Musgrave Island holiday 2006. Coordinating the joint is the only way of ensuring that you're on the list!!!

If you're unsure what it all involves, have a chat with recent coordinators, eg. Chris Bloomfield, Nicolie Young, Peter Christen. It's not rocket science! Nicolie did a fantastic job last year although she had never been to LMI. Please get in touch with us if you're thinking about it. [Matthias Regner]

 27 Apr Looking at the dive calender it is getting rather sparse and with the amount of diving going on this year maybe we should think about planning a few more...

So in a slight departure from the social calender we will meet at 6pm on Tuesday May 3rd, at All Bar Nun in the O'Connor shops, to first talk about more diving and then for drinks afterwards (or as usually turns out during!!)

So if you want to dive more this year then come along and help us to organise some more trips... otherwise come later for drinks. [Alison Shield]

 27 Apr Leigh's web page has some photos and a report from our recent trip to Mystery Bay. [Leigh Makewell]
 22 Apr Each club BCD is now equipped with a safety sausage, to be used as a surface marker in case you get separated from the boat. The sausages still need to be in the BCD pockets when the gear is returned, and their presence will be checked. (gear issue officers take note!) These bits of plastic are for your own safety so practice using them if you've never tried before. [Antti Kallio]
 20 Apr An entertaining abuse of life support technology (or, how to fly on SCUBA): take a look at the video (2MB MPEG). [Ernie Perkins]

 30 Mar The president of the ANU Sports and Recreation Association (of which we are a part) writes: You may have heard that the Government has introduced a Voluntary Student Unionism (VSU) bill into the parliament in the last few weeks. If it were passed into law in its current form, it would more or less abolish the $545 000 of General Services Fee (GSF) funding that we currently receive to fund student-oriented services. This of course could have a huge impact on the finances of and viability of the club. Read more about it[Paul Thomas]
 30 Mar We all had a very good time up north, but not as many dives as we had expected due to the weather. Several people had cameras and Leigh Makewell has uploaded a trip report and many photos onto his webpage[Thomas Magill]
 16 Mar The 2005 Sports and Recreation Association (SRA) Sports Council will be decided by election in 2005. Get down to the SRA on North Road on Tuesday 22nd, Wednesday 23rd, or Thursday 24th March, between 10 and 2 or 4 and 6, to cast your vote for President and Ordinary Members. Candidates' electoral platforms will be posted at SRA reception. [Paul Thomas]
 4 Mar It probably does not get much dopier than having the Titanic's look-out (Fred Fleet) not being able to judge distances and not issuing him with binoculars. But sadly, it does... Have a look here[Charles Adamson]
 3 Mar We will hold belated drinks 6pm next Tuesday 8th March at All Bar Nun. I can't make it (or at best will be late) but our previous past social officer will hold up the flag for me! [Alison Shield]

 23 Feb As part of its gear upgrade program, the Club has bought six new 100cf Faber steel tanks. This will not only keep the tech heads happy, but compared to the club's aluminium tanks, the new tanks are smaller, have greater air capacity, and will let you drop 3lbs off your weight belt. [Charles Adamson]
 21 Feb The Annual General Meeting will be held in PSYC (Psychology) G06 at the Australian National University on Wednesday the 2nd of March from 6pm - 8pm. Remember this is also where the list opens for Lady Musgrave Island trip deposits. [Glenn De Vine]
 17 Feb The annual Welcome BBQ will be held on Thursday 24th February from 6pm onwards at the gear shed (North Oval). This will coincide with the gear issue for the New and Rusties trip that following weekend.
Please coma along to meet club members, and chat about your latest dive adventure. Food and non-alcoholic drinks will be provided. [Matthias Regner]
 16 Feb Sixty-one shark attacks were reported worldwide last year, slightly higher than the 57 counted in 2003, but lower than in the three previous years when the total ranged from 63 to 78.
Read the full article at: ABC News[Peter Christen]
 2 Feb Enjoy diving the world's corals - because your grandchildren may not have the opportunity. Scientists have warned that, through climate change, the world's corals could start disappearing quickly in the next 35 to 70 years. Click here to read the full article [Peter Christen]
 4 Feb Dive Better, Dive Safer: 101 Tips that'll make you a Pro[Charles Adamson]
 2 Feb Good to see people check what they write is actually halfway accurate. [David Clarke]

 27 Jan First drinkie poohs: 6pm on Tues Feb 1 at the Union Bar (unless violent objections are raised)... those of us on campus can even wander across by 5:30 :) [Alison Shields]

Year 2004 News

 17 Dec In diving, shit happens, and you can die. But before you do that, have a read of the (UK based) BSAC dive incident report for 2004 which can be found here[Charles Adamson]
 16 Dec Four white sharks tagged in November in South Australia are being tracked by satellite. Their paths will be updated weekly on this CSIRO website:[Charles Adamson]

 26 Nov Tuesday 30 November 2004: First quarter 2005 Dive Plan Meeting (including drinkie poohs) - Venue: All Bar Nun, from 6pm. [Charles Adamson]
 25 Nov Saturday 4 December 2004: This year's ANUSC Xmas function will be held at Lake Burley Griffin's 'Carp Gutters', Saturday 4 December, from 6pm> BYO food and booze. A chair, light and blanket are all good optional extras. [Charles Adamson]
 4 Nov Tuesday 23 November 2004: On a sad note, we are losing Mick Hines to the GNS and leafy sea dragons of South Australia. If you would like to see him off (that is, get him to buy you a drink), he will be at All Bar Nun from 6pm Tuesday 23 November. On a happier note, Virgin Blue have cheap direct flights to Adelaide. Add in free accomodation, food, drink, transport and air fills, then having Mick over there is perhaps not such a bad proposition after all.... Hope you can make it... [Charles Adamson]
 3 Nov To learn about the new motor on the Pufferfish please download and read the scanned version of the Mercury 90 manual. Among other things, it states the starting procedure for the motor, which is: put the motor in neutral and apply some throttle, and start with choke - this procedure is pretty much exactly what we have worked out anyway. [Glenn deVine]

 29 Oct A selection of photos from this year's Lady Musgrave island trip (September) are now available online.
Enjoy. [Peter Christen]
 27 Oct Saturday 6 November 2004: The Canberra International Film Festival will be screening Deep Blue at 6:30 pm at Electric Shadows. [Peter Christen]
 7 Oct Tuesday 2 November 2004: The Club's next social function will be a Movie Night - "Open Water". We'll also try and get a few drinks into us first, which I think we will sorely need. We'll meet at AllBarNun at 6pm - the movie starts at 7pm at Hoyts Belconnen. [Charles Adamson]

 16 Aug ANUSC Boat Committee: Thanks to Mark, Ray, Jeremy, Horst, Steve and Mick who have volunteered to be part of an ANUSC subcommittee that will investigate and recommend the replacement for the Daffodil next year. If Matt upgrades his truck to enable him to (legally) tow, the Daff replacement is looking pretty sweet at this stage... [Charles Adamson]
 8 Aug Two new photo galleries from our April trips to Green Cape and Montague island are now available. Thanks to Mick Hines for providing the photos.
(And some photos from a recent trip to Ningaloo Reef by several ANUSC members are available here). [Peter Christen]
 4 Aug Tuesday 7 September 2004: Sundowner Drinkie Poohs and Bikini Party; Venue: Lady Musgrave Island, Great Barrier Reef, Queensland, Time: from 4.30pm-late. Hope you can all make it! [Charles Adamson]

 15 Jul Don't forget our next monthly 'Drinkie Poohs' on Tuesday 3 August 2004 @ All Bar Nun, from 6 pm onwards (last drinks before Lady Musgrave). [Charles Adamson]
 13 Jul The Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) is proud to offer seafood eaters everywhere Australia's first national guide to choosing sustainable seafood.
Australia's Sustainable Seafood Guide offers seafood lovers a better understanding of our seafood and the impacts of the fisheries that supply them. [Lucy Randall]
 1 Jul A recently (May 2004) held seminar at Fisheries Cronulla about the endangered Grey Nurse Shark reported about the current state of research. Michael McFadyen presented the following summary at a recent SCAN meeting: GNS-Seminar-May2004.pdf [Lucy Randall]
 1 Jul The ABCs Reality Bites: From the Heart will show a documentary about Australia's south coast next Tuesday 6 July at 8 pm. For more details please see here.
So program your video recorder and come to our monthly 'Drinkie Poohs' from 6 pm onwards on the same evening. [Peter Christen]

 25 Jun Don't forget our next monthly 'Drinkie Poohs' on Tuesday 6 July 2004 @ All Bar Nun, from 6 pm onwards. [Charles Adamson]

 12 May The club is holding a General Meeting in two weeks time. All members are invited and requested to attend.

The meeting will be held in PSYC (Psychology) G06 at the Australian National University on Wednesday the 26th May from 6pm - 8pm. Attendees can park in the large car park on the corner of Science and Daley Roads, Acton. On the opposite corner from this car park is the Gravitational Wave Research Facility and connected to this (on Science Road) is the Physics Department - the Psychology Department is the next building behind the Physics Department - away from Science Road. People can meet me (Glenn de Vine) on the corner of Science and Daley Roads outside the Gravitational Wave Research Facility prior to 6pm.

Psychology is building 39 (see relevant ANU campus map) and Physics is building 38 with the Gravitational Wave building being 38b (see relevant ANU campus map).

An agenda for this meeting will be sent to all members as soon as possible and prior to the date. If you would like anything specific to be placed on the agenda please email the secretary. [Glenn de Vine]

 10 Mar The club received some coverage in the Merimbula paper as part of their Clean-up Australia day write-up. A scan of the article (colour shot from the front page) is now online. Ask Adam, Glenn and Alfred how they wangled their way into a press photo without actually collecting any garbage ;-) [Darran Edmundson]
 2 Mar Interested in buying, swapping or selling second hand scuba (or related) gear? Please have a look at our new Buy-Swap-Sell page. [Peter Christen]
 1 Mar This week we'll put on a Welcome BBQ to get to know each other over sausages, drinks, and salads. At a forecast toasty 32 deg Celsius, it'll take place this Thursday 4 March from 6 pm at the gear shed on North Oval (off McCaughy St).
There'll also be a slide show club photographers, to prepare you for the awesome under- and overwater scenery that's awaiting you...

The sausage sizzle will also tie in neatly with gear issue (5.30 pm, Thursday) for the up-coming weekend's New and Rusty Divers Trip.
This is the best opportunity to ease into ANU Scuba Club life and diving practices as this trip is run specifically for new members, who often have limited diving experience. We'll do lots of easy diving, both shore and boat based, so you'll have time to sort out things like buoyancy, unfamiliar gear etc.
We'll also try our best to buddy each of you up with one of our very experienced members who have dived with or outside the club for yonks; they'll put an ugly but human face to the Club, "show you the ropes" and reply to any questions or concerns you may have on this perhaps unfamiliar territory. As you come on more trips and gain friends and experience, buddy pairs usually form naturally. [Matthias Regner]

 25 Feb See and read what you missed last weekend when a small group of adventurous ANUSC divers hiked up into the Snowy Mountains to dive Blue Lake and Lake Jindabyne[Peter Christen]
 18 Feb Tommorrow, Wednesday 18 February, is Clubs Day, the major source of new members. Our presence there is essential. Helping out at involves hanging around, chatting to prospective members (and other ANUSC'ers), showing off our snazzy gear, etc. We still need a few volunteers for tomorrow, especially someone to help pack up and tow the boat back to the shed around 4pm. Even if you can't help, drop by and sign up for another year of great diving. [Scott Collis]

Year 2003 News

 5 Dec Three exciting envoronmental news reached us in the last couple of days. First, the Australian government announced improved protection for the Great Barrier Reef (see also an article in The Australian newspaper). Secondly, a new marine park to protect Grey Nurse sharks at the Cod Grounds (off the NSW coastline near Port Macquarie) is being proposed. Thirdly, the UN adopted a resolution calling for ban on targeting sharks for their fins[Peter Christen]

 19 Nov The Scuba Club Annual General Meeting will take place:

    Thursday 4 December 2003
    Manning Clark Lecture Theatre T6
    7-9 pm

The budding agenda has been sent out to all ANUSC members via e-mail. If you didn't receive it, or if you have any corrections or additions, please send them to the Secretary ( [Darran Edmundson]

 17 Nov It's been suggested that we meet pre AGM in order to organise the 2004 dive schedule. This keeps us nicely organised and will help shorten the AGM. Both of which are useful outcomes.
Charles Adamson suggest All Bar Nun (O'Connor Shops just down from the gear shed) on Wednesday 26 November at 6.30pm. A balmy evening, shady trees, comfy chairs, Canberra's best chips and icy cold beer are all on the menu. As a further bonus, Martin has proved ANUSC men are simply irresistible to the bar staff.
So please have a think about where and when you think the club should dive in 2004. Also consider whether you would also like to co-ordinate a trip as well. If you can't make the meeting, simply e-mail me your ideas and I'll advocate them for you. [Charles Adamson]
 14 Nov image credit: Environment Australia The Queensland Department of Primary Industry and the Environmental Protection Agency have released the Grey Nurse Shark Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS) and Draft Public Benefit Test (PBT). In the document, they have highlighted a set of measures to get the Grey Nurse Sharks protected in Queensland.
The public has until 17 November 2003 to submit their comments and we strongly believe the diving community should voice they view in supporting this proposal for the sake of the grey nurse sharks. Have a look at for more information on the RIS and how to submit your comments.
Your comments will make a difference so please respond to the RIS. [Peter Christen]

 30 Aug image credit: Scott Collis Former ANUSC President Scott Collis writes, "Yesterday at 3pm Louise and I stood on the roof of this country in the heights of Mount Kosciuszko. I asked Louise if she would marry me .... and to my shock and amazement she said yes!" Pictures from the day are online[Scott Collis]
 13 Aug Just a reminder that the BoM weather forecast for this weekend is good and westerlies are expected. You still have the chance to sign up on this weekend's ad hoc trip: We're around 15 and there are a couple of bunks free in the ANU field station at Kioloa, where we'll be staying in a house warming up at night around a cosy fire place and some flambee (sp?) gut soother. So, give me a yell if you want to come ... [Matthias Regner]

 18 Jun image credit: Save Ningaloo Ree Organisation Your help is needed to protect WA's Ningaloo Reef which is under threat by a massive marina resort project. See the latest Ningaloo Alert for more details. [Peter Christen]
 5 Jun We have recently received 10 brochures of the Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS), a national, non-profit organisation whose mission is to protect the health and vitality of Australia's coasts and seas. For as little as $10/month you can become a Guardian of the Seas and help saving our wonderful oceans. Hard to resist. We will leave some brochures at the ANUSC information board in the SRA and the rest will be available in the gear shed. [Peter Christen]

 8 May Member Ron Henry has written an "Introduction to GPS" which is now available on the club's boat information page as a html page for easy viewing and as PDF file for download and printing. [Peter Christen]

 28 Apr image credit: Peter Christen This year's two-week club trip to Lady Musgrave Island on the Great Barrier Reef is fast approaching (4-20 July). As this popular trip is limited to 25 participants, if you want to go you should get your $200 deposit in early[Ben Lees]
 13 Apr If you are a financial club member but not receiving club email, please visit this web page and subscribe. All ANU email-lists were recently migrated to a new system called Mailman. You can subscribe, unsubscribe, change email addresses and view archived messages via the above link. [Darran Edmundson]
 1 Apr image credit: Coral Reef Alliance Join tens of thousands of people during the week of Earth Day (April 22), and take action to protect our planet's underwater world. After all, over 70% of the earth is covered by water! Visit the Dive In To Earth Day 2003 web site, and sign the Dive In Pledge and show your support for coral reefs and eco-friendly diving. [Peter Christen]

 27 Mar image credit: Environment Australia The Cod Grounds, possibly the largest known critical habitat of the grey nurse shark, is under review. Located in Commonwealth waters, the Cod Grounds is situated approximately 6km off Camden Haven in NSW (between Forster and Port Macquarie). The Commonwealth Agency responsible for managing this area is looking for comments. It is essential that we get in as many submissions as possible. Be assured that every submission counts. For more details see: Discussion Paper: Grey Nurse Sharks, Cod Grounds [Peter Christen]
 3 Mar image credit: Peter Christen Seven divers from the ANU Scuba Club tackled cleaning up under Tathra Wharf on Clean Up Australia Day last Sunday, retrieving among lots of smaller rubbish four deck chairs, bottles, knifes and heaps of fishing gear. Check out the report and photos[Peter Christen]

 6 Mar image credit: Marc Spooner The Annual start-of-year BBQ and welcome of new members will take place next Thursday at 6:30pm at the gearshed. (Note: this follows the 5:30pm gear issue for the New and Rusty Divers Trip to Bawley Point.) The club is organising basic food (sausages, bread, tomato sauce, onions, some veggie burgers and soft drinks). Members are asked to bring a salad or dessert, beers etc., and their own deli meat/fish if desired. We'll also hopefully have a digital slide show of club images from 2002. [Gail Vest]
 17 Feb image credit: Peter Christen Here be Seadragons!
If you have spotted seadragons on your dive or along the shore after the dive, please get involved in a research project studying the distribution and abundance of Syngnathidae (there's a word to fill those awkward pauses in conversation). Instructions and contact details can be gleaned from the Dragonsearch site or from:
Dragon Search (SA)
120 Wakefield St
South Australia 5000
 [Lucy Randall]
 26 Feb image credit: Peter Christen Every year the ANU holds a market day for all the universities clubs and societies. Market day is the clubs largest intake of student members, which our funding from the ANUSRA partially relies upon. I'm organising the club stall at the O week market day, and I would greatly appreciate anyone who could come and help, be it for an hour, or the day. Market day is on Wednesday the 26th of February. I need people to help from 7 AM (setup) to 5 PM (packup). If you are able to help at all, please please contact me telling me what hours on the day you would be available. [Chris Bloomfield]

 31 Jan image credit: Harry Schranz Last night was Treasurer Ole Nielsen's polter-abend (buck's night) - he's getting married to ANUSC member Robyn Withell next weekend. Harry Schranz and Peter Christen have some great photos online from Ole's surprise solo performance in Civic's Garema Place. He really rose to the occasion, spurred on by the massive crowd serendipitously campaigning against war in Iraq. Well done, Ole. [Darran Edmundson]

Year 2002 News

 13 Dec After lots of deliberating about the date of the Annual Christmas Get-Together, it seems this Friday is preferred by most people. Please let me know if you are coming as the numbers will determine the venue. It's BYO grog, meat, cutlery, plate, chair and swimmers if it's hot. See you Friday from 5 onwards. More details at the above link. [Robyn Withell]

 28 Nov The ANU Scuba Club Annual General Meeting will take place on Thursday 28 November from 7pm onwards in Manning Clark Lecture Theatre #5, ANU. The meeting will include a short slide show of images from the past year, election of a new committee and setting of the coming year's dive calendar. A detailed agenda is available online. If you are no longer an active member please come along to the AGM, renew your membership, and join us for the coming dive season. [Darran Edmundson]
 25 Nov I (Steve Harding) would like to convey my appreciation to all ANU Scuba Club members who took part in last weekend's Scuba Store Treasure Hunt. Thanks to everyone who took part for making it a great weekend. Of the 270 discs hidden we had a return of 206 - close to 75%. Thanks to Jeremy who sacrificed his chance of winning a prize by volunteering to get up early and hide treasure discs. Kudos to Darran for his suggestion to restructure the prize distribution. [Steve Harding]
 13 Nov image credit: Darran Edmundson Today is the last chance to vote for a t-shirt design. Currently only 21 people out of the 113 eligible have voted. That's less than the typical voter turn-out in a U.S. Presidential Election. Perhaps we should levy a $50 fine people for not voting? ;-) [Darran Edmundson]
 6 Nov A year ago, the Scuba Store began stocking Sea and Sea cameras for hire and purchase. Steve Harding also launched a photo competition with total prizes of $1000 worth of Sea and Sea photographic equipment. There are only 7 entries so far, none of them from the ANU, and the contest finishes at the end of the month! See the Scuba Store website for details. [Darran Edmundson]

 28 Oct image credit: Darran Edmundson We'll soon be putting in a bulk order for new club T-shirts with "ANU Scuba Club" proudly emblazoned across the back. The design on the front? Well, that's up to you, the creative membership. Send us your artwork over the next two weeks and it will be displayed on the web site. A change to the selection plan as someone needs to tweak their entries to conform to the rules. Voting will thus take place on Monday-Wednesday next week. [Darran Edmundson]
 28 Oct image credit: Peter Christen Selected from more than 900 photos, around 200 of the best images from this year's Lady Musgrave trip are now available online. Enjoy. [Peter Christen]
 22 Oct image credit: Peter Christen Finally, after long hours of selecting, cropping and processing I have uploaded images from the first week of our Musgrave trip. Enjoy, and remember, the reunion party is coming up ... details will follow soon! [Peter Christen]
 22 Oct image credit: Tim Foster Canberran Tim Foster is a talented photographer, both above and below the water. He is also an experienced cave-diver. Threading oneself through hundreds of meters of a flooded tunnel system under the Nullarbor plain is a far cry from open-water recreational scuba diving. In this talk and slide-show, Tim will discuss the pleasures and perils of cave-diving, and show some beautiful images from places that most of us will never have the opportunity to visit. This free talk, presented by the ANU Scuba Club, is suitable for divers and non-divers alike. Date/Time: Tuesday 22 October, 7-8 pm, Manning Clark Theatre #5[Darran Edmundson]
 14 Oct image credit: Peter Christen The recent Lady Musgrave Trip saw a club first, members Horst Punzmann and Ole Nielsen had the privilege of (bravely?) driving a club boat from the mainland all the way out to the island. Norm Schram has done it before with his own boat, the Yellowfin, but this is the first time for an ANUSC vessel. The return trip was handled by Christine Butzer, Jeremy Weinman, Charles Adamson and Thomas Magill. Charles and Thomas report having to make way for a pod of whales. [Darran Edmundson]

 19 Sep Join conservationist Dr Tim Anderson, shark expert Valerie Taylor, and Greens MLC, Ian Cohen for the first public screening and launch of 'Save the Grey Nurse', a short documentary about the critically endangered grey nurse shark. Entry is Free, 4.30pm, Thursday 19th September 2002, Parliamentary Theatrette, NSW Parliament House, Sydney. For further information contact Megan Gallagher by email or telephone (02-9279-2466). [SCAN]
 13 Sep The traditional annual pre-Musgrave working bee is tomorrow, Saturday 14 September, starting from 9am at the gear shed (ANU north oval at McCaughey Street). While all Musgrave participants are expected to come along and help preparing the boats and club gear for the upcoming trip to the Great Barrier Reef, all other ANUSC members are very welcome to come along and give us a hand. There are lots of small tasks to be done, you can meet other club members, get familiar with the boats and other club gear, talk 'technical' about nuts'n'bolts, etc. [Peter Christen]
 3 Sep The club has recently received confirmation of our Lady Musgrave Island booking for next year, 2003. We've got the island for seventeen nights, from 4-21 July 2003, of which we'll choose a dozen that best suit our student members early next year. Thanks to Peter Christen for handling this on behalf of the club. [Darran Edmundson]

 16 Aug Thanks largely to the work of member Ron Henry, the ANU Scuba Club recently purchased a DAN First Aid Oxygen kit. On Tuesday 3 September, from 8-9:30 pm in ANU Manning Clark Centre Theatrette 5 (behind the ANU Union/food court), we will show the DAN First Aid oxygen video and demonstrate how to use the oxygen kit in case of a dive accident. Please come and learn. [Peter Christen]

 30 Jul If you are concerned about protecting the worlds remaining wilderness areas - please help stop a huge resort proposed for the extraordinary Ningaloo Reef on the isolated north west coast of Western Australia. Visit for more information and send easy automated letters while you're there.
Many West Australians believe that Ningaloo could be opened up to well managed eco-tourism, but that three storey hotels with palm trees, and a marina for hundreds of private power boats, with fish-freezing services - is not the way to go in this spectacular wilderness.
Please help. [Peter Christen]

 26 Jun This Friday is the final day to submit opinions on the Grey Nurse Shark Draft Recovery Plan. Please make a submission via the web asking for a total ban on fishing at the 13 key aggregation sites in NSW (e.g. Montague, Tollgate Islands, Fish Rock, Forster Pinnacle, etc.). The Club's official response has already been faxed in. [Darran Edmundson]
 2 Jun For those who know us the following may be of interest ... About time we got round to announcing our new unit to the dive club. Kris and I have a new baby girl called Natasha. She turned up on May 19 after a period of anxiety for father Blowie and a lot of hard work and pain for Chippie. She weighed in at 4.06 kg and measured 51 cm. Cranial circumference was 35 cm. She has large hot soft nut ready to squeeze! All are well. [Bill Keating]

 31 May image credit: Peter Christen Horst Punzmann, former boat officer extraordinaire of the club, has been recognized by the SRA with the Peter McCullagh Medal for "outstanding service to or achievement in a club." Horst modestly asserts that "this medal is an award not for me but for our club!" but we won't let him escape the well-deserved attention so easily. So send us your favourite story of Horst's mechanical acumen and we'll record them on the web for posterity. Congratulations on the award Horst ... and thanks for many a trouble-free boat ride. [Darran Edmundson]
 30 May image credit: Peter Christen Images from last weekend's Edrom trip are now online for your viewing pleasure. [Darran Edmundson]
 28 May image credit: Team El-Kiwi Not sure if anyone tracks this web site, but here's a chance for the club to pickup $1000 worth of TUSA gear and have some fun at the same time. Australian Extreme Underwater Ironing. The competition finishes at the end of the year so there's plenty of time to come up with something witty, brilliant, original and hopefully a bit kooky. [Charles Adamson]
 27 May image credit: Peter Christen Members and guests of the ANUSC have just returned from a fantastic weekend of diving, relaxing and communal feasting on the huge, sunny verandah of wonderful Edrom Lodge in Eden. Most people on departure suggested booking another weekend for earlier in 2003 so as to get warmer weather. I have made a tentative booking for the weekend of February 14-16, 2003 and need expressions of interest from you before we totally commit (minimum 25 people per night but accomodates up to 68). The Scuba Store's Steve Harding is interested in joining us again and suggests bringing down the LMI compressor which would make us 'totally self sufficient". [Gail Vest]
 22 May According to NSW Fisheries, the grey nurse shark is critically endangered on the east coast of Australia. And one of the main reasons for their continuing decline is damage from incidental catch by line fishing. However, the recently released draft recovery plan does not suggest the obvious solution of a complete ban on fishing at the 13 key aggregation sites in NSW (e.g. Montague, Tollgate Islands, Fish Rock, Forster Pinnacle, etc.). As the public has until June 28th to submit commentary on the plan, the committee will be making a submission on behalf of members supporting the creation of sanctuary zones to protect the grey nurse. Visit the above site, read the plan and submit your own feedback. [Darran Edmundson]
 16 May Should they wish, members can now add a scuba biography to their personal member page. Thanks to Peter Christen for the idea and the first submission.[Darran Edmundson]

 30 Apr image credit: Peter Christen With the friendly help of TUG's Tim Ritchie and wreck-diver Steve Purvis, we managed to get most people onto the magical 40m+ Nerong wreck off of Norah Head last weekend. A number of Giant Cuttlefish wanting to share regs, at least a dozen wobbegongs (including a 3m whopper), clouds of bullseyes too thick to see through, kingfish circling overhead, a glassy ocean up top and 30m visibility below - the consensus is that we go back ... and soon. Photos by Harry Schranz and Peter Christen are on the web[Darran Edmundson]
 18 Apr image credit: Thomas Magill The draw for the wetsuit and dive torches was held at gear issue tonight. 1st prize went to an absent Thomas Albrecht whilst Sarah Thompson and Chris Bloomfield took home the funky Ikelite dive torches. Thanks to all new student divers for participating. There are some photos on the web page courtesy of Thomas Magill. [Darran Edmundson]
 4 Apr Updated stats on the New Member Wetsuit Giveaway are now online. For eligible new members who dived at either Jervis Bay or South West Rocks and don't show on the web page, please register with the club Secretary. [Darran Edmundson]
 3 Apr Lady Musgrave island is a small coral island on the southern end of the Great Barrier Reef, about 100 km north-east of Bundaberg (Queensland). The island is surrounded by a large fringing reef. The Club takes our two boats, two compressors, camping gear, food, fuel and fresh water for two weeks. It's paradise with unlimited fantastic diving. If you want to make sure to get onto 'The Musgrave List' pay your $100 deposit as soon as possible. Details are available on the LMI web page[Peter Christen]
 1 Apr And the winning entry in the Daf renaming is ... [Darran Edmundson]

 25 Mar The Committee has okayed the purchase of new pontoons for the Daff. We got a great deal from NAIAD but there is a slight catch ... the pontoons are pink. Obviously "the Daffodil" will no longer suit so we're searching for a new name. Current suggestions are Rosie, Beetroot, Barbie and Pink Panther. Voice your preference for a new name before next Monday's deadline[Darran Edmundson]
 20 Mar image credit: Peter Christen We can see it now ... thirty years in the future when ANUSC member (and current Party Officer) Robyn Withell is asked, "So where did your husband propose to you?" With Viking-like cunning, Club Treasurer Ole Nielsen has been teaching partner Robyn Australian Sign Language (AUSLAN) for the past half year. Sunday morning's dive to the inappropriately named "Whorehouse" just north of Jervis Bay's Point Perpendicular saw him pop the magic question - letter by painstaking letter. Robyn's AUSLAN response, "Are you narced?" Our heartfelt congratulations to the bethrothed. [Darran Edmundson]
 19 Mar image credit: Peter Christen Pictures from last weekend are now online. I will copy them onto the anusc web site later this week. Please report to me any missing links or other errors. [Peter Christen]
 13 Mar This weekend's New and Rusty Divers trip to Jervis Bay is going to be the biggest trip I have so far experienced in the club. 37 people have signed up for camping, 29 of them are divers, 20 of those need to hire club gear. 3 other club members are still undecided. [Thomas Magill]
 11 Mar image credit: Peter Christen Reports from last weekend's Montague Island trip were of great viz and flat seas. Peter Christen had a chance to try out the new housing for his digital camera and has placed a number of images online. Any anecdotes and/or trip reports? Send them to the Secretary. [Darran Edmundson]
 6 Mar The end of February brought with it the end of your 2001 scuba club membership. If you want to partake of any of the great trips below you must renew your membership for 2002. You can do so at the front counter of the Sports & Recreation Association. Be sure and take your C-card and proof of SRA membership (if you don't have the latter, you can purchase it on the spot). Prices are unchanged at $5 for student members, $15 for all others. I'll have an updated membership list on the web site by the end of the week. [Darran Edmundson]
 3 Mar image credit: Marc Spooner All new and returning members are invited to the ANU Scuba Diving Clubs Annual Welcome BBQ. It will be held at our gear shed on MacCaughey street (just opposite the ANU Tennis Courts) on Thursday 7 March beginning at 6:30pm. (Note, this coincides with the gear issue evening for the Montague island trip.) Please come along to meet our new and old members, enjoy some food and (BYO) drinks, swap dive stories, and see images from trips past. If you have some slides of your own please bring them along and share them with us. The Club supplies sausages, chicken wings and some vegetarian delights to throw on the barbie. If you wish to contribute by bringing nibblies, a salad or bread, great. Bring you're own plate, cutlery and grog. Please let me know if you are coming and if you can assist with slides or with food[Robyn Withell]
 1 Mar The Club photographer has placed some photos from the recent Tathra weekend on the web. Check them out. If you've got any good stories from the weekend, drop the Secretary an email and I'll post it on the Tathra trip page. [Darran Edmundson]

 27 Feb image credit: Peter Christen Today is the annual ANU club day and the ANUSC has a stall displaying our mighty Daffodil. Scuba Sally is there as well :-) Peter Christen has already placed some photos on the web. You can renew your membership, have a chat with fellow divers, get the latest gossip and the dive calendar with upcoming dive trips. Hope to see you there. [Darran Edmundson]
 18 Feb image credit: Peter Christen On Wednesday evening Boat Officer Thomas Magill was kidnapped from his place of employment, driven to the hills surrounding the Canberra airport, and shot repeatedly -- and he seems to have enjoyed it. Congratulations to Tom on his upcoming wedding and thanks to all who attended Tom's "Bucks Night" playing paintball. Peter Christen has placed a number of photos on the web. Horst deserves a special mention for his daring night assault, being referred to over the radio as "that crazy guy down there without any ammunition." [Darran Edmundson]
 18 Feb So far, this weekend's Tathra trip has 16 divers plus three non-divers. As coordinator Peter Christen notes, "Tathra offers some of the best shore dives on the south coast." The trip is, however, still looking for a boat tower ... [Darran Edmundson]
 13 Feb image credit: Just over a decade ago, 120,000 wobbegong sharks were being landed yearly in NSW. By 1999, that number had fallen to just 40,000, cause enough for concern that NSW Fisheries has released a discussion paper seeking the views of stakeholders on the management of wobbegong sharks. There are seven management options, perhaps the most diving-friendly being number 3, "closures to protect areas of critical habitat". Deadline for submissions is February 28th (either written or online). [Darran Edmundson]
 7 Feb The Jervis Bay Exploratory Dive has been postponed until next weekend (Feb 16/17). This unusual move was prompted by the promise of poor visibility as a consequence of the extraordinary rain, projected sea-state and road condition and camping concerns. [Norm Schram]
 6 Feb Photos from the recent Eden trip can now be found online. Thanks to Marc Spooner, Peter Christen and Harry Schranz for contributions. The question is: can members think up good captions to accompany the images? [Darran Edmundson]
 5 Feb Added a page for this weekend's Jervis Bay Exploratory [Darran Edmundson]

 28 Jan During the Eden trip, Peter Christen nipped down to Edrom Lodge, site of May's club trip, and took some photos (external site). [Darran Edmundson]
 28 Jan Long-time ANUSC member Jeremy Weinman recently completed his 1000th logged dive. And in style, with a champagne night dive on the Tasman Hauler. [Darran Edmundson]
 24 Jan User submissions on the Jervis Bay Marine Park are due by 31 January. The current proposal includes anchoring restrictions that may adversely affect our diving. The club has prepared a response that, pending any feedback from members, will be sent next week. For more info, including an online form where you can submit your own comments, please visit[Darran Edmundson]
 21 Jan The web site has moved to a new home on the main ANU webserver, Please update your links. If you have any constructive comments and/or feedback about the site and the facelift that is underway, please email the webmaster[Darran Edmundson]
 16 Jan The Committee is meeting on Tuesday 22 January 2002. If members have any items of business they'd like considered, please email[Darran Edmundson]

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