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 Club: Scuba Non-ANU Student 12 months Member
 Ron Henry

 Email:ronhenry at netspeed dot com dot au
(address modified to (hopefully) foil spammers)

Scuba Profile
Ron learnt to dive in 1986 in Adelaide. After moving to Canberra he joined the Belldivers and went to the Solomon Islands, the Pompey/Swain Reefs on the Undersea Explorer, Lady Musgrave Island and Bunaken Island. In 1993 he joined the ANUSC and after diving the NSW south coast and more Musgrave trips did time as a Boat Officer and Vice Pres/Gear Officer. Outside Australia he has dived in the Solomon Islands, Indonesia, Tonga, Vanuatu, Fiji, Thailand, New Guinea, and French Polynesia. He often dives with a camera so may miss things that don't appear in the viewfinder. He has been an SSI Dive Controller for a decade or so.

Favourite dive sites include: Sir John Young Banks, Montague Island, Pimpernel Rock, Tasman Hauler, Ball's Pyramid (NSW); Pompey reefs, Lady Musgrave Island (Qld); Henry Bonneaud & President Coolidge (Santo, Vanuatu); Wakaya Passage (Fiji); Bunaken Island (Indonesia); Ha'apai, Vava'u (Tonga); and Te Ava Piti Pass (Ra'iatea, French Polynesia).

Info last updated:
12 March 2019

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