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 SRA Full Member Member
 Peter Christen

 Email:peter dot christen at anu dot edu dot au
(address modified to (hopefully) foil spammers)

Scuba Profile
After having spent years on the water surface in swimming pools, Peter learned to dive in 1997 in a cold, murky and fish-less lake in Switzerland. He got totally hooked on scuba on his first dive trip to the Great Barrier Reef a year later, and up to now has logged 555+ dives. Peter became a member of the ANUSC shortly after his arrival in Canberra in late 1999. He is a passionate underwater photographer, loves nudibranchs and other critters, and is fascinated by sharks (which of course he doesn't see anymore since he is diving with his camera). Apart from the NSW coast, Peter has dived in Western Australia, Victoria, Tasmania, Lord Howe Island, Fiji, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and on various spots on the Great Barrier Reef.

Info last updated:
22 February 2018

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