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These email addresses are not published as an invitation to receive unsolicited commercial messages or spam and we
do not consent to receipt of such materials. Any messages that are received which contravenes this policy is strictly
prohibited, and is also a breach of the Spam Act 2003. The University reserves the right to recover all costs incurred
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Committee members

PresidentSebastien Allgeyer
Vice-President (Gear Officer)Kate Martin
TreasurerTorsten Schwich
SecretaryAlisdair Cameron
Membership OfficerGeorgina Newton
Boat OfficerIan Van Vucht
Environmental OfficerScott Wyatt
Social OfficerClare Campbell
General OfficerOscar Branson
Safety AdvisorJeremy Weinman

You can send email to the entire committee by addressing it to

Website updates: For any changes to the website content, including uploading
of trip photos, interesting news items, bio pics etc, contact the ANUSC webmaster.

Membership list

The following is the list of all 96 financial club members as of 5 Dec 2018. Contact the club Membership Officer if you spot any errors or omissions. Please note, with the ANU's mail-list software, members can manage their own subscriptions to the closed list If you are a financial member but not receiving club emails, you can also subscribe via this web page.

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Aaron Midson
Aidan Lloyd
Alan Rennie
Alan John Mitchell
Alisdair Cameron
Amy Tepes
Anabel Schwich
Andrew Collins
Andrew O'Sullivan
Annika Wallengren

 b index 
Belinda Wilson
Benjamin Pouvreau
Bjoern Schwich
Brenda Woods

 c index 
Callum Bryant
Cecile de Vine
Charles Adamson
Charlie Mullins
Chongling Zhang
Christine Ward
Christopher Gauthier-Coles
Chuck Young
Clare Campbell

 d index 
Daniel McLennan
Daniel Martinez-Escobar
Daniel Keogh

 e index 
Edward (Ned) Dale
Emily Ledger
Emma Smadbeck

 f index 
Federico Davila
Fiona Herrald

 g index 
Gail Vest
Garrit Ivers-Royle
Georgina Newton
Glenn de Vine
Gregory Adrian Gunawan

 h index 
Hannah Nigro

 i index 
Ian Van Vucht
Ivy Loncar

 j index 
Jeffrey (Tsz Fung) Law
Jeremy Weinman bio
Jessica Wat
Jim Hu
Joel Brieger
John Miles
Jose Barrero
Josephine Pentony Vran

 k index 
Kate Liesinger
Kate Martin
Kate Phillips
Keira Mullan
Keith Lovegrove
Kieran Lloyd
Krish Sanghvi

 l index 
Lauren Hanley
Lucy Wenger
Lucy Randall

 m index 
Marcin Buler
Maria Alonso Peral
Mark Burgess
Mary Harvey-Collings
Megan Quek
Melody (Xi) Tay
Michael Pearson
Michael Walker
Mina Roberts

 o index 
Oscar Hatten
Oscar Metcalfe
Oscar Branson

 p index 
Peter Christen bio
Phil Herrald

 r index 
Rachel Palmer
Ray Vran
Ron Henry bio
Rosalie Harris
Rowan Molony
Ruixin Yang
Russell Patrick
Ryan Carlson
Rykiel Uy

 s index 
Sally Swinnen
Scott Wyatt
Scott Hunt
Scott Morrison
Sebastien Allgeyer
Sharyn Wragg
Stephanie Pulsford
Steve Larkin
Susie Brown

 t index 
Tanya Tepes
Thomas Barnsley
Thomas Magill
Tom Pickard
Torsten Schwich

 u index 
Ulrike Mathesius

 y index 
Yidan Deng
Yilin Chen
Yvette Ngooi


Over the years, Club members have won various awards. An (incomplete) list is below. If you know of any that are missing, please contact the webmaster.
2009 SRA Sportsman of the Year: Walter Steyn
2009 SRA Peter McCullagh Award: Chris Bloomfield 
2009 SRA Peter McCullagh Award: Walter Steyn
2002 SRA Peter McCullagh Award: Horst Punzmann
1999 SRA Peter McCullagh Award: Jeremy Weinman
 ?   SRA Peter McCullagh Award: Chuck Young

Life members

The club has from time to time elected someone a Life Member. This is an honorary position, which does not confer normal membership rights, but is a way of saying "thank you" to people who have put in many years' work. Our life members are:

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