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SCUBA stuff on the web

If you have any favourite SCUBA stuff on the web that's not listed here, please let us know.

SCUBA clubs and organisations

Marine life ID & bits of shrapnel

Boats & Boating

Sounders and GPS gear

GPS marks


Outdoor gear by mail order

As the SCUBA Club goes all over the South Coast, it can be handy to have some of those nice high-tec widgets that make camping so much more enjoyable. While there's nothing wrong with the idea of buying Australian, there also nothing good about paying lots extra to have many middle-people taking their cut. Here are some links to Canberra stores, and also Mail-order / online companies on the Net that provide some very, very attractive prices.

Underwater hockey

Other clubs at ANU


Links from Bill Keating, Harry Schranz, and others

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