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Weather-related Links

Weather forecasts

ACT forecast from BoM NSW coastline forecast from BoM NSW coastal waters forecast from BoM
Medium range forecast from BoM 10 day precipitation forecast from AgNet UV index forecast from BoM
Current synoptic chart from BoM Synoptic chart 10am tomorrow from BoM Synoptic chart 10pm tomorrow from BoM
6 day forecast from NCEP Other NCEP forcasting models NSW MetEye (BoM)
Coastal weather observations from BoM Oz from space - looped IR images (BoM) Oz from Space - current false colour image (BoM)
Rain radar - NSW south coast & Canberra

Water temperatures and swells

NSW sea surface temperatures (SST) NSW SST archives from AODN East Australia current water temperature from CSIRO Marine Research
Sea Surface temps & swell trends from Manly Hydraulics Laboratory NSW Swell forecast from Coastalwatch NSW Swell forecast from WeatherZone
Swell/surf predictions for Sydney from Weatherzone Wollongong swell forecast from Swellnet NSW offshore wave heights from MHL
Interactive sea surface temps from CSIRO Marine Research SST and ocean current forecasts from BLUElink

For tide information follow the links on the BoM tide page. Take the link to the region you want to check, or for our region select NSW then select the closest major port - Sydney, Eden or Pt Kembla. Enter the start date and year for your request, then apply any correction factors for the secondary sites shown. Thus, based on Eden, Bermagui is +5 minutes; based on Pt. Kembla, Batemans Bay is -1 min, and Jervis Bay is -3 mins. The major port for LMI planning is based on Bundaberg.

Geoscience Australia have sunrise, sunset, phases of the moon and other assorted information.

Please read the following copyright statements and disclaimers from the originators of the BoM, MHL and COLA/IGES information.

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