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The ANU Scuba Club 2011 calendar

The 2011 calendar is now available for previewing here! (4.8MB pdf).

I'd like to arrange the print run by the end of this week, and to avoid ordering too many copies, or not enough, please let me know before the end of the week how many you'd like to order. Pre-ordering is the only way to guarantee your copies, as in order to minimise the chance of unsold stock, I won't order many in excess of the preorders.

To pre-order, simply email me on and let me know how many copies you'd like.

Some specs: The size is A4, the cost $20, and we're using the same printer/stock etc. as last year (I think there's an example of the 2010 version in the Shed and at Straight Line Ski & Scuba).

Proofing: Please let me know by the end of the week if you spot any errors in the draft, have concerns about the content, or any questions. Please bear in mind that images in this draft have been downsized for web viewing. Thanks again for submitting such beautiful stock photos.


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