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Name the new boat

The list below gives the final list of 16 entries for the Name of our new boat. I have included the rationale provided by the person(s) submitting each name. I have had to edit the list somewhat to get it to a manageable size.....I trust that some of the multiple entrants will not have their noses too far out of joint as a result. If you have, you can buy me a drink at our next get together and we can talk about it.

Given the number of entries we will have 2 rounds of voting.

In the first round you will have the opportunity to select your favourite 3 Names. I will score these as follows: first preference 3 points, second preference 2 points and third preference 1 point. Make sure you indicate your order of preference when submitting your vote.

Please send me your round 0ne vote by 5:00pm Friday 19th of February.

I will tally the results over the weekend and launch the second round of voting on Monday 22nd of February. In the second round you will be able to choose one of the three names that have made it through to the second round. Voting in the second round will close at 5:00pm on the 26th of February

The eventual winner will be announced at the AGM on the 1st of March.

Many thanks to all of you who have contributed to the process so far....there are some really good options to choose from.

Peter Jones

The list

  1. Tang: After the fish "Orange Tang". Could also relate to the taste in your mouth after you have lost your breakfast on the way to Montague (Ed.)
  2. Blue or Bluey: After the good old Aussie tradition of calling redheaded people Blue(y). Redheads also have a reputation for being hot tempered and getting into fights, or blues.(Ed.)
  3. Capricorn or Capricornia or The Goat for short: Capricorn is the Sea Goat. Lady Musgrave Island lies within the Capricornia Cays group of Islands. The constellation of Capricorn is, of course, the Goat. "The Goat" became the working title of the boat during the design and construction phase after a discussion relating to "unnatural acts" performed on Tigger which resulted in significant damage. Goat rhymes with boat and is short, descriptive and easy to remember. If we go with this one suggest official papers for rego, insurance etc show the Capricorn (ia) name and we keep The Goat for around the dive planning whiteboard. (Ed.)
  4. Orange Roughy or Roughy for short: The new boat is orange. We sometimes do quite rough diving and it is an environmental message since Orange Roughys are being fished to extinction. I trust there is no subliminal message here regarding the survivability of the crew. (Ed.)
  5. Piglet: Continuing the Christopher Robin theme we started with Tigger. Depending on how she handles we might want to go with Pooh instead. (Ed.)
  6. Bob the Boat: No rationale given, but self explanatory.....sometimes you guys just amaze me. (Ed.)
  7. Nemo: Because she is orange like a clown fish. Given the damage done to her pontoon at Shell Hbr. it would appear there is often a clown at the controls too. (Ed.)
  8. Ranga (short for Orangutan): Refer to Ed's comment for No. 7 above (Ed.)
  9. Sponge Bob: You do get orange sponges and all boats bob around on the water. Given there are only 4 pontoons and we seem to go through one every couple of weeks I wouldn't be too sure about the second bit. (Ed).
  10. Nudi (short for Nudibranch): No rationale given but I assume this is a reference to the group striptease at the boat ramp. (Ed.)
  11. Sunfish: Once again, no rationale but could be taken along the lines of the boat she replaces....Pufferfish. (Ed.)
  12. Alinta: Aboriginal word meaning Flame. Possible allusion to what happens when your boat officer fires up a durrie whilst standing too close to the fuel tanks. (Ed.)
  13. Alkira: Aboriginal word meaning Bright Sunshine. I take it there is no aboriginal word for Sunstroke. (Ed.)
  14. Chuckles: In honour of Chuck Young, a founding member of the ANUSC who has been diving with us for the last 40 years and has contributed to the club in many different ways. We can waste time on something trite or inane or use this as an opportunity to give someone some recognition and make the world a better place. Given she's built like a battleship we might get 40 years service out of her too. (Ed.)
  15. The Nautilus: The state of the art vessel from the classic 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea. A vessel like no other, exploring parts of the ocean that are otherwise unknown. From memory the Nautilus was a submarine......Hmmmm. (Ed.)
  16. Pumpkin: She's big, orange and, at times, seedy!

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