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The ANU Scuba Club 2008 Logo Competition

Hello Bubblers, It's time that we got a new club logo! So we will be running a competition to find the best logo that our wonderful club members can come up with.

Rules are as follows....

  1. You must change (at least) either the words on the current logo or the picture.
  2. Do NOT plagarise! Original designs only.
  3. Designs must be in good taste (I will exclude any that are not).
  4. This competition is open until 5pm Tuesday the 7th of October.
There will be a prize for the person who's logo is selected to be the next club logo - I will advise later what that prize will be.

To submit your design either email it to me (Arwen Mow-Lowry) or put a hard copy in the club pigeon hole.

Club members will ultimately select the design to be our new logo (there will be an online voting process).

Good luck & get those creative juices flowing!

Cheers Arwen

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