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A hastily cobbled-up sample design. The final product will undoubtedly look nothing like this.
  At the last committee meeting we thought it might be time we gave all the Scuba Club shutterbugs somewhere to show off their above and/or underwater work, and so the Scuba Club Calendar idea was born.

The idea is to get a dive calendar together (ie, one you hang on the wall), using photos from members of the scuba club, to show the planned club dives and show off the brilliant places we go for fun. If you would like to see your photographic work up in lights then you have until the 31st of August to send me your best ten photos, 10 only please, the best, most interesting and appropriate photos will then be selected to go onto the 2008 Scuba Club calendar. Submit any photos you feel best represent the Scuba Club but please remember that they will be put into a calendar and any photos of people will need to be ok'ed by the person in frame before it can be used.

Send all photos to

For the moment can all submitted photos be kept in a small format/size and the calendar picks will be asked to send in a better version. Thanks


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