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ANU Scuba Club 2006 T-Shirt Competition

As voted by you, the winning design for the ANUSC's 2006 t-shirt competition is ...

"Live and Let Dive, diver and shark" which romped home with 41% of first-choice votes.

Thanks to all members who came up with some very creative entries, and thanks to everyone who took the time to vote. For information, "Skull and Crossbones and Kiddies" was voted number two, while "Apologies to John Gillispie Magee" came in third. We'll leave it to the individual artists discretion to identify themselves if they so choose.

Now it's time to place your orders for your summer diving t-shirt. We will only be accepting forward orders to minimize stock holdings and help determine size requirements.

Styles and price

The T-shirts will be black with white lettering/design. The front will have a small ANUSC logo on upper left. The winning "diver and shark" design will be on the back. Due to popular demand we are offering 3 styles of t-shirt from Paddywack in Fyshwick.

  1. Short sleeve T-shirt $22 - 100% cotton, crew neck, available in sizes S-XXL.
  2. Long sleeve T-shirt $24 - 100% cotton, crew neck, available in sizes S-XXL.
  3. Ladies fitted short sleeve T-shirt $27 - cotton spandex, crew neck, available in sizes 8-18.


To keep life simple, the only way to order your T-shirt is electronically via the email address ....

When you order, we need to know:

  1. Your name
  2. Your T-Shirt style preference (short sleeve, long sleeve or wimmins)
  3. Your size
  4. How many you want

Please note you only have until COB Friday 9 December to place your orders. If you do not order a T-shirt before this date, we will next be accepting orders for new 2006 club members in March 2006 from leftover stock, which will be likely more limited then, and available on a first in-first served basis.

To help you work out what size you need, there will be sample T-shirts at the Xmas Party this Friday evening, so come along and try them on for size.

If you can't make the Xmas Party, contact us and we'll give you the impressions from people about sizing.


Pre-ordered T-shirts will be available for payment and collection in mid January.

Design 3 Design 7 Design 4
Diver and shark
(winning design)
Skull and crossbones Poetry

Charlie and Anita

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