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It's "Tigger"


Thanks to everyone who submitted ideas for a name for the new boat, and to everyone who took the time to cast a vote. The people have spoken and the winning entry, with almost three times as many votes as any other, is "Tigger". "Tigger" was suggested by Megan Williams, who by way of thanks will get free boat dives on her next club trip. Hip hip!

First place votes were:

Banana Boat1
Notodoris Minor1
Reef Dancer1
Reef Seeker1

Suggestions were:

Squid (suggested by Bill Keating)
Cuttlefish (Gail Vest)
The Luurve Boat (Chris Bloomfield)
Duff (Ernie Perkins)
The Banana Boat (Matthias Regner)
Leafy (Alison Shield)
Weedy (Alison again)
Leatherjacket (Alison again)
Nudibranch (Chuck Young)
Das Gelbe Boot (anonymous coward)
Pineapple Fish (anonymous coward)
Buttercup (anonymous coward)
Caressed Cuttlefish (anonymous coward)
Yellow Submarine (Horst Punzmann)
Smiley (Kim Sebo)
Sunflower (Kim) (anonymous coward)
Hard and Deep (anonymous coward)
Six Pack (anonymous coward)
Fifteen Bucks Max! (anonymous coward)
Lady Good-Diver (anonymous coward)
Six Yellow Bikini Bottoms (anonymous coward)
LMI Pleasure Machine (anonymous coward)
Neigh Hearse Shack (anonymous coward)
Yellow Fish Curry (anonymous coward)
Notodoris Minor (anonymous coward)
Tigger (Megan Williams)
Olli (Peter Christen)
Whalechaser (Norm Schram)
Devilfish (Norm)
Wave Dancer (Norm)
Reef Dancer (Norm)
Spanish Dancer (Norm)
Rainbow Runner (Norm)
Dive Tub (Norm)
Sea Quest (Norm)
Reef Seeker (Norm)
Dotty Divers (Jen Hine)
Lemon (Jen)
Rubber Ducky (Jen)

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