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New Member Wetsuit Giveaway

Draw Results

The draw was held at Malua Bay gear return and prizes went to an absent Thomas Albrecht (wetsuit), Sarah Thompson (Ikelite dive torch) and Chris Bloomfield (Ikelite dive torch). Thomas' wetsuit came from the New and Rusty's trip to Jervis Bay while the tickets that won torches came from Malua Bay dives. Thanks to all new student divers for participating. We'll add a picture of Thomas once he's been suited up.

Thanks to the altruism of club member Hugh MacAdam (who has donated his 2001 Treasure Hunt prize), the Club has a Scuba Store wetsuit to give away - that's a $475 value. We've decided to make a little competition out of it and as just one prize is a little dull we've augmented the pot:


  • 1st - new WETSUIT
  • 2nd - really funky dive torch
  • 3rd - slightly less funky dive torch

How To Win

Dive, of course. Eligible entrants earn 1 ticket for each club dive done between Jervis Bay and Malua Bay inclusive. That means some of you have already earned tickets to win! The draw will be held at Malua Bay gear return on Thursday 18th April, one prize per entrant, the decision of the judges (the committee) being final with no correspondence being entered into.

Tickets Earned

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11   Total  Odds of Winning
Thomas Albrecht 8 16%
Chris Bloomfield 8 16%
Glenn deVine 8 16%
Kelli Gowland 6 12%
Glynn Greenaway 11 22%
Cynthia Ting 3 6%
Sarah Thompson 5 10%


Jervis Bay "New and Rusty Diver" Trip
South West Rocks Trip
Malua Bay Trip

For those that believe in the laws of probability, most of you will not win - but all of you need wetsuits. I would therefore recommend that you increase your chances by pooling your tickets. For example (and no official prejudice here, just choosing the first 3 names from the list), if Thomas (16%), Chris (16%) and Glenn (16%) decided to pool their tickets, they cumulatively have a 48% chance of getting the wetsuit. If they win, they would then each get a 33% discount on individual suits (that's $160 off a $475 wetsuit) - I would also guess that the Scuba Store would lower the $475 price since you are buying three. If you want to add your tickets to an official syndicate, let me know. If you'd rather organize it privately, feel free to contact the other entrants directly. Good luck to everyone.

If you're eligible to enter (see below) and dived at either Jervis Bay, South West Rocks or Malua Bay but don't see all of your dives listed above, please contact the Club Secretary.


Hugh and the Committee would like the prizes to go to needy new student members. Thus, to enter you must:

  1. be a new ANSUSC member
  2. have a current ANU student card
  3. need the prize (honour system, if you already have a decent wetsuit, please take a torch instead)
  4. register for the competition with the club secretary
  5. consent to having your details shown on the web site.

So register and lets see you diving madly (but safely) at South West Rocks and Malua Bay ...

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