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April Fool!

Of course we wouldn't swap our beautiful Daffodil for day-glo pink and a name like "Barbie" or "Pink Panther". We doubt that NAIAD, had their even been an actual pigmentation problem, would allow such a putrid colour to escape the confines of the factory.

The Committee did receive a fair amount of feedback though for the audacious plan (shown below with names expunged to protect the guilty). And on the off chance that someone actually phoned the manufacturer to inquire, NAIAD's own Jill Ferguson was in on the joke - thanks Jill!

Thanks for your good-natured reactions.

The original story

Some Letters to the Committee

I would prefer to keep Daffodil since it's still the
same hull.  But, since you seem intent on changing let me 
make one very big, ginormous fat negative vote for Pink
Panther. I'll be embarrassed to get in it.

Please mark me down as a "Beetroot" fan.
Just hope we don't scare too many fish away!

Daphne can be a hot-pink flower.

Renaming 'Daffodil' as "Daphne" retains the floral spirit, and people will 
still refer to it as "Daph" or "Daphie",
so there's no confusion / mental reorientation req:d.


That's both a flower (to replace Daffodil) and about the right colour but 
it might sound a bit odd as a callsign; could invite all sorts of mocking 

Day-glo pink!

It is probably too late now, but the fix on the valves has rendered
them very safe and workable - is the spending of $500 or so thus justified?
I had thought that the current pontoons would last until the boat is sold.
The deflation is a valve problem - not a pontoon problem.  One wonders, too, 
what other items of safety gear could be bought with the money - you've 
already stated that some items are worthwhile but you didn't have the money.

The effect of a hot pink colour on the resale of the boat should also be

Also worth mentioning that the reason we had yellow is for SAFETY. Yellow
and orange are the most easily spotted colours at sea. The boats have gone
straying from their moorings at LMI or while on tow and the fact the
pontoons are very easily spotted under most light and sea conditions has
been a significant factor in their recovery. Will hot pink will cut the
mustard here?

But don't just take my word - talk to the poeple who chose the colours many
years ago.

However - if we're getting new pontoons - can you ensure that they have
thick rope all the way around (like the current ones and the ones on the
Yellowfin - not like the 2/3rds boat-length grab line we have on the
pufferfish) - the thin stuff they normally use cuts your hands like crazy.
Also, need to ensure there are rubbing strakes the full length of the
pontoon (as with the Pufferfish - and we asked for these specifically).

A name? - Tamja - after the nudibranch that has such colours. (spelling is
from memory only)

Well, I still think Daff is the best name, especially as daffodils 
can be salmon in colour (almost pink!).

Otherwise what about Pinksty (i'm not suggesting that the boats are 
in a mess!!!).

Yes, it is a Pink Panther...quite appropriate

How about Think Pink?

Well.... I must admit I like the new color and I would call the boat 
"Olive" ... the problem is we then have to paint the Puffer green and 
call it "Popeye".

I had a look at the condition of the Daffodil's pontoons yesterday.
They are 7 years old now and the boat is scheduled to be replaced in 2005
.... right?  There is nothing wrong with both pontoons. They are in perfect 
conditions actually .... surprisingly honestly I agree.  The same applies 
for the inner rubber tube. It's been treated with talcum powder in the 
past to make sure the rubber remains elastic and does not perish. It's in 
very good condition and never leaked so far.  The latest modification to 
the valve nut made the valve more or less fail save now (unless you take 
a spanner). The valve's do not leak and the seals are OK.

Even if a brand new pontoon would cost only 500A$ + probably another 100A$
for transport to Canberra.... I think it's not worth it. I would not call 
it a complete waste of money because if the boat looks good you may gain 
more if it's going to be sold in the future. But I think the existing 
pontoon is in such good condition that we would not gain anything with 
another new one.

If there are still people out there that manage to stuff up the valve we
could probably buy the "new fail save NAIAD valve" separately. We don't need
pontoons or the a new inner tube for that.

... have a nice day and a good Easter weekend.

brilliant! the name 'beetroot' has got it, remember you can beat an egg but
you can't beat a root!

are you still taking names? 
How about: The galah, The pink peril, Piggie, Pinkie.....

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