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Renaming the Daffodil

Last year the Daffodil had occasional problems with deflating pontoons, partly due to ageing of the fabric but also caused by the valve design. (Recall the deflated pontoon in Tathra, Port Hacking and Honeymoon bay and the heroic attempts of ANUSC members to rescue the weekends?) The Committee has been informed by the manufacturer of the Daffodil and Pufferfish, NAIAD, that they have a batch of new and improved pontoons for sale at an extremely favourable price. But there's a slight catch ...

NAIAD pontoons are normally either grey, red or yellow. Apparently, a stuff-up with the pigmentation mix resulted in a set of pontoons with a pinkish colour. (NAIAD's Jill Ferguson describes it as "day-glo" pink.) While the price of new 4.3m pontoons is normally NZD $2078 (~AUD $2000), NAIAD is offering us the miscoloured pontoons at a quarter of the original price! It is worth noting that these pontoons are fitted with the improved and fail-safe valve mechanism.

At our meeting last Wednesday, the ANUSC committee decided to take the offer and purchase a set of these pontoons for the Daffodil. It was agreed however, that due to the changed colour, the name 'Daffodil' is hardly appropriate. We are therefore asking members to suggest new and more appropriate names, the "winning" submission to be announced next Monday at the end of the South West Rocks trip. (For those going to South West Rocks, you can lodge your preference direct with the trip coordinator.)

Current suggestions are:

  • Rosie
  • Beetroot
  • Barbie
  • Pink Panther

To help visualise the new look of the "Daffodil" (and maybe help you conjure up a better name) we have manipulated an old picture, changing the color of the Daffodil's pontoons to what we expect from the new purchase.

And the winner is ...

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