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2006 Treasurer's Page

Here is a brief update on the state of our funds (27 March 2006) and some requests!

Having just finished collating data for our 2006 grant you will be happy to know that diving activity has increased from 674 dives in 2004 to 1020 in 2005 and that doesn't include Musgrave!! Diver participation has increased to 71% (from 65% in 04), so of the 139 members on our books in 2005 we had 99 who dived on at least one occasion. I suspect that this year will be even bigger - 19 trips scheduled until mid June this year compared to 24 trips in total last year!!!

So we are generating income but this is also leading to increased maintenance and repairs on the boats. We certainly still have cash but this year will require carefully future planning to accommodate issues surrounding VSU and over the coming months I will be soliciting views on how we might best stay afloat.

The systems set in place by the previous Treasurers are running well but there are a few issues that I would urge you to consider...

  1. We are still in the process of changing over the banking so please be patient for your cheques.
  2. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE collect and keep your receipts.
  3. When you deposit money into the club account please make sure it is annotated appropriately so that I can identify it. If you have deposited money it is probably a good idea to send me an email telling me when you deposited and how much!!
  4. If you have already run a trip this year (including the one over Christmas) please resend the trip reports to me so that I can start collating them.
  5. Keep doing the great job that you are already doing!!


 [19 kb download] Result for 2006 (presented at the 2007 AGM)
 Author: Alison Shield
Date: 10/03/2007
Format: PDF
 [2 kb download] Summary statistics for 2005 and 2006
 Author: Alison Shield
Date: 27/02/2007
Format: HTML
 [13 kb download] Budget for 2006
 Author: Alison Shield
Date: 01/05/2006
Format: PDF

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