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SCUBA Clubs Association of NSW (SCAN)

The ANU SCUBA club is a member of SCAN, the SCUBA Clubs Association of NSW. John Olsen of SCAN provides this:

SCAN was formed in the late 80s when most of the independent dive clubs were being hassled by a couple of small minded individuals who were of the mistaken belief that all divers should be diving via the shop environment. These misguided souls "wound up" waterways in an attempt to shut us down. So representative from a number of clubs met and from that initial meeting SCAN was conceived as a body to address the issues facing independent dive clubs at that time and in the future. Membership of SCAN is a useful thing for dive clubs and NSW divers generally as we are the only group who can legitimately act as a PEAK BODY to represent recreational diver's interests in NSW. That is why we have a seat on some NSW Government Advisory committees. As we all know Government Authorities like to liaise with user group peak bodies so SCAN is the logical choice. And this is a key role performed by SCAN (well actually club delegates).

As mentioned earlier in these minutes our place on these advisory committees for example the Cable (ACMA) one to maintaining access to the dive wrecks off Long Reef is a typical example of the advocacy SCAN performs on behalf of NSW divers.

However, one of the best expressions, which I think sums the situation up, is; "It is great to belong to an independent dive club and it is good if that club belongs to SCAN".

An important (in my view) role of SCAN is to promote diving and linkages between member clubs. The Combined Clubs weekend away (Nelson Bay this March) and the Sydney dive day (first weekend in November) are specifically run to promote those linkages. The promotion of linkages is one of the great benefits of our organisation. Just like in your club you get to dive with people you feel comfortable around and this is extended to away trips and joint overseas trips which are now a regular feature of several clubs annual dive calendar. DOUTS, URG, St George and RUC have a long tradition of opening up dive trips to the SCAN membership. So if you want to go on a top quality trip either here in the Coral Sea or overseas then make sure your club's SCAN delegate is feeding on the information to your editor & club e-mail list. The "girls weekend away diving" is an emerging regular event occurring between non-male members of ST George & RUC dive clubs. To me this is an opportunity for other clubs to get involved...

So there is a very quick broad sketch of who SCAN is and why your club is a member. Note whilst things are rosy of course SCAN's need for politicking is not that much. However, from time to time the forces of evil do congregate and try to negatively impact on our diving. It is at these times that SCAN has to step out and take up the defence of our diving. So having a healthy membership is always important.

In summary SCAN's Objectives might be considered as:

Oh yes some really fantastic news two of our member clubs BWAC & TUG up there on the central coast are heavily involved in the Central Coast Artificial Reef Project CCARP. That is of course code for sinking a diveable wreck. WELL THEY HAVE BEEN SUCCESSFUL THEY WILL BE GETTING THE ADELAIDE a ship of similar class to the Brisbane. So great work guys well deserved indeed. SO NSW WILL HAVE A DIVE WRECK!! WOO WOO!

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