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Voluntary Student Unionism and its potential affects on clubs

From the president of the Sport and Recreation Association, Duncan McIntyre:

We are facing uncertain times. You may have heard that the Government has introduced a Voluntary Student Unionism (VSU) bill into the parliament in the last few weeks. If it were passed into law in its current form, it would more or less abolish the $545 000 of General Services Fee (GSF) funding that we currently receive to fund student-oriented services. This would have an enormous impact, particularly on the Clubs -- many of you might fold or have to reduce your activities. Other student organisations around the country may well become insolvent - we think we could continue to trade but we would have to reduce many of our current services. The attached documents give you some indication of what we currently do with GSF and what might change under the VSU.

The documents Duncan refers to are Voluntary Student Unionism: What will it mean for the Members of the SRA? and What does the ANU Sport and Recreation Association do with $530 000 of student money? (both PDF files).

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