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Gear Issue and Return

A rostered gear issue officer (RGIO) has volunteered their time/services to attend the gear shed as required every Thursday evening. This is so people who have gear requirements for private trips as well as normal club weekends can draw gear and then return it.

For Club trips:
RGIOs will attend the gear shed on the Thursday night before and after every club weekend away unless otherwise advised. Standard hours are 5.30pm-6.00pm.
To help ensure smooth sailing, it is suggested that trip co-ordinators liaise with the RGIO to ensure that they remain well placed to attend.
For private trips:
Club gear is available to members for private trips on weekends where no club trip is planned.
Please note that for private trips, a RGIO will only attend if required. This means that if you don't contact the RGIO, they will not attend the gear shed and you will not have access to the gear. The onus is also on the individual to make contact with the relevant RGIO in order to return the gear on the following Thursday night. If you do not contact the RGIO and do not return your gear, expect to forfeit your deposit.

Club members should give the RGIO suitable notice. And if you have the right change, that also makes everyone's life easier.

Contact details for the RGIOs can be found in the member list.

For RGIOs, instruction on issuing and returning gear are available here.

Gear issue and return calendar

DateTrip IssueTrip ReturnIssue Officer
11/01/2018Mosquito BayScott Morrison
18/01/2018Mosquito BaySebastien Allgeyer
24/01/2018 (Wed)Eden/Cape ConranAidan Lloyd
01/02/2018Eden/Cape ConranSebastien Allgeyer
08/02/2018John Miles
15/02/2018Sharyn Wragg
22/02/2018N&R (Bristol Pt.)Scott Morrison
01/03/2018N&R (Bristol Pt.)Sebastien Allgeyer
08/03/2018Aidan Lloyd
31/05/2018Brenda Woods
15/03/2018Sebastien Allgeyer
22/03/2018John Miles
29/03/2018Sharyn Wragg
19/04/2018TathraOscar Branson
23/04/2018 (Monday!)MontagueScott Morrison
03/05/2018MontagueSharyn Wragg
10/05/2018Aidan Lloyd
17/05/2018Sir John Young BanksNed Dale
25/05/2018Sir John Young BanksScott Morrison
07/06/2018Queen's Birthday (TBD)Sharyn Wragg
14/06/2018Queen's Birthday (TBD)Aidan Lloyd
21/06/2018Ned Dale
27/09/2018Batemans BayNed Dale
4/10/2018Batemans BaySharyn Wragg
11/10/2018Aidan Lloyd
18/10/2018Scott Morrison
25/10/2018Oscar Branson
1/11/2018Aidan Lloyd
8/11/2018Ned Dale
15/11/2018Brenda Woods
22/11/2018Sharyn Wragg
29/11/2018Scott Morrison
6/12/2018Oscar Branson
13/12/2018Aidan Lloyd
20/12/2018Southwest RocksNed Dale
27/12/2018Brenda Woods
3/01/2019Southwest RocksOscar Branson

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