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Boat Towing Subsidies 2014

The committee suggests the following subsidies for those kind folk who tow the club's boats to and from the coast.

Please note that these numbers are a guide only. Specifically, they do not include mileage between the camp and the boatramp. A rough guide - 50km worth of boatramp-camp trips would add $8 to the subsidy at $1.30cpl. Please include this in the subsidy if it is significant.

Dont forget to include any commercial boat/under-car washing costs. $4 car underbody wash, $6 boat wash.
Boats and cars should be washed at the boatramp/campsite if possible.

If you're coordinating a trip and want to offer a larger or smaller subsidy, please feel free to do so - it's your trip. If you're towing a boat and want to ask for a larger or smaller subsidy, please feel free to do so - it's your car.

The committee would appreciate feedback from trip coordinators if the suggestions above aren't suitable.

The above tables have been generated from this spreadsheet, which can be used for other destinations or rates.

For future coordinators, towers, and committees: the above distances are from route planners on the web.
Towing cost assumptions are:

TrailerFuel Usage L/100km

Capricorn 9.0
Tigger 8.0
LMI Red gear trailer 5.0
Bauer Compressor 5.0
LMI Compressor/box trailer 4.0

Wear & Tear subsidy: A flat rate of 5c per km.
NB: This is not applicable to items carried within a vehicle (eg, the Bauer compressor)
Boat/Car Wash: $4 Car under body wash. $6 Boat wash if required
(i.e. not done at boat ramp/campsite prior to departure).

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