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"Tigger" and "Capricorn"

Tigger (l) and Capricorn (r) at Narooma, Feb 2010

The ANU SCUBA club has two boats, which together can carry 12 divers. Both boats were built for us by AIRIB in Brisbane. The older boat (Tigger) is an aluminium hulled 5.3m, with a 90hp Yamaha 2 stroke motor; the new (January 2010) boat is named Capricorn ("the Goat") and is also 5.3m, with a 115hp Yamaha 4 stroke motor.

Both boats have marine radios, depth sounders, EPIRBs and all other safety equipment. We've also got GPS units to help us find those good spots.

We like to encourage all active club members to become familiar with the boating rules on our waterways, and to get a boat licence.

Care and feeding of the boats

Before using the boats, you'll need to make sure they're ready for towing and launching. When you get back, please be sure to wash the boats well.

For your own safety as well as the boats', please be careful launching and retrieving over sand.

The gear

The boats have lots of safety equipment and other fancy gear. Please become familiar with the radios and the rules of radio communication. You might also like to take a look at the excellent Introduction to GPS by our member Ron Henry. It's available as html page or as a PDF file for easy download and printing.

The manual for the 406Mhz EPIRB (GME MT400) is here.

For trip coordinators

We rely on the generosity of boat towers to make our boat dives possible, and we try to make it easier for them by offering a subsidy to offset the extra cost of petrol etc. The towing subsidy page lists subsidies for boat towers to various dive trip destinations.

We have some notes on when and how the boats can be used by members for club and ad-hoc trips.

The manufacturers

Both boats were made by Jill Ferguson and Ed Boast at AIRIB Rigid Inflatable Boats: Unit 2 / 1356 Lytton Road, Hemmant Qld 4174.
Tel: +61 (07) 3390 7133
Fax: +61 (07) 3390 7233
Email: (or

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