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Welcome to the Australian National University SCUBA Diving Club. The ANUSC, an affiliated club of the ANU Sport and Recreation Association, aims to promote diving within the university community. The club, with two beautiful boats and a number of sets of quality SCUBA gear, coordinates regular and inexpensive trips to the South Coast as well as an annual pilgrimage to Lady Musgrave Island on the Great Barrier Reef. What are you waiting for? Dive now, work later. See our page about how to join the club. If you're not already a certified diver, see our page about learning how to dive.


 22 Feb Photos and a trip report from the recent jaunt to Cape Conran [Sharyn Wragg]
 21 Feb As is the tradition in the SCUBA Club - we will hold our annual welcome BBQ, which will give our fresh members the chance to get in touch with our more established members, listen to fabulous dive stories, ask questions about they way trips are being run, and all this over some free food.

  • This Thursday - 23 February 2017
  • 6 pm (just after gear issue/return and boat prep)
  • The Gear Shed @ North Oval
 [Anabel Schwich]
 19 Feb Some photos from the recent trip to the wreck of the Lady Darling and Montague Island [AJ]
 15 Feb Welcome to all the new members who signed up at the ANUSC O-Week stall. There's a few photos here [Gail Vest]
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  Trip PageCoordinator
 22 January 2017 Lady Darling/Montague Is
 Double-dive day trip
 Scott Wyatt
 26-29 January 2017 Cape Conran (Cape Conran or Eden)
 Cape Conran, Beware reef, (or Eden if the weather is bad)
 Sharyn Wragg
 4-5 February 2017 Montague Island
 Monty/Aughinish Rock/Lady Darling wreck
 Scott Wyatt
 15 Feb 2017 O-Week stall (ANU Campus) Torsten Schwich
 25-26 February 2017 New and Rusties (Jervis Bay - Bristol Pt) Charlotte Rouse
  Next trip: 11-13 March 2017 Shellharbour Michael Walker
 15 March 2017 2017 AGM (North Oval Pavilion)
 Torsten Schwich
 26-27 March 2017 Port Hacking Scott Wyatt
 14-17 April 2017 Jervis Bay (Bristol Point)
 Easter trip
 22-25 April 2017 Montague Island
 ANZAC Day long weekend
 Jeremy Weinman
 5-13 May 2017 Sir John Young Banks (Currarong)
 a week-long exploration of the deep walls of SJYB
 Torsten Schwich
 and Jeremy Weinman
 27-28 May 2017 Shellharbour Aidan Lloyd
 10-12 June 2017 Jervis Bay
 Queen's Birthday long weekend
 Torsten Schwich


11-13 March 2017

[Michael Walker]

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